In Russia, prices for the iPhone began to rise again. Some went up by 30k or more


Despite the difficulties faced by retailers in parallel import of Apple technology, due to the depreciation of the dollar, the prices for the company’s devices in Russia were very attractive throughout 2022. iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and AirPods, which were transported by courier to distant lands, unexpectedly for everyone, it became possible to buy almost cheaper than when they were officially brought into the country. Yes, at first, retailers tried to play it safe and in some cases set rather high prices, but over time they reduced them to an acceptable level. But at the beginning of 2023, everything changed, and Apple technology prices crawled up.

Increase dollar exchange ratewhich rose in price to 70 rubles, naturally led to the fact that prices for Apple equipment in Russia experienced significant growth. This effect was most pronounced on iPhones, which are traditionally a litmus test for reflecting the market situation. The growth was so impressive that in some places the price rose to the level of the fall of 2022. Back then—in the absence of Apple regulation—retailers seemed to be off the hook.

iPhone prices in Russia 2023

The easiest way to fix price changes is on the example of the newest and most popular models. So, in October 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro went on sale in most retail chains for 119,990 rubles. During this time, it became cheaper several times, and depending on the store, it was sold for 99,990 – 104,990 rubles. That is, for almost the same amount at which it could theoretically appear in Russia if Apple itself was involved in its supply.

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On the gray market, or rather, small retailers iPhone 14 Pro cost even cheaper. Having gone on sale at exactly the same price, by November in a number of stores it had fallen in price below 80 thousand rubles. The favorable exchange rate of the dollar, which was then trading at about 60 rubles, did its job, and the serovars managed to make good money without breaking the prices for smartphones brought from abroad.

How much does the iPhone 14 Pro Max cost in Russia

A similar situation was observed with the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Initially, it could be bought in Russia for 130 thousand rubles, but a month later – exactly by November – the prices fell down, and the top flagship fell in price to 85 thousand. Yes, it was not possible to meet such a favorable price everywhere. But he was in a number of reliable places. Now everything has changed. Serovoz raised prices to 105-110 thousand rubles, and large retailers like M.Video and Re-Store – up to the original 130 thousand.

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But the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have changed in price, but not significantly. Apparently, low interest in these models affected. Retailers did not raise prices so as not to scare the consumer away from the already not the most popular smartphones. They are not particularly favored, not only in Russia. The demand for these devices turned out to be so low that Apple was even forced to stop their production after just a couple of weeks after the release.

Prices for iPhone 14 and 14 Plus in Russia

The lowest price for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus in Russia was recorded in the same November, which for all other models and amounted to 60 and 65 thousand rubles, respectively. Today’s jump, as I warned, can hardly be called critical. because iPhone 14 at Serovos began to cost only 63 thousand, and the iPhone 14 Plus – about 72. Yes, in terms of dollars, it turns out that the “plus” has overcome the mark of a thousand dollars. But in the context of parallel imports, there is no particular choice.

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In the case of large retailers iPhone 14 price increase and 14 Plus turned out to be a little more: 75 and 83 thousand rubles, respectively. It seems like the retail chains are going crazy. But, firstly, they simply level out the difference in exchange rates, on which they now depend most of all. And, secondly, the prices for these models have not returned to their original level, as is the case with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. If you remember, on launch of iPhone 14 sales and 14 Plus were noticeably more expensive.

Why have iPhones gone up in price?

Have they influenced iPhone prices in Russia Rumors of a possible block by Apple? I guess not. Even the need to activate smartphones at the purchase stage, which also requires time and resources, most likely did not affect pricing. Moreover, now, as far as one can judge, only DNS is involved in this. But M.Video and Re-Store, with which we compared the prices of serous trucks, have not yet switched to such a practice. In any case, they did not publicly declare this.

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In the near future iPhone prices are unlikely to return to the level of autumn 2022. Especially if the value of the dollar against the ruble remains the same. With a rate of 70 rubles per dollar, retailers will be problematic bring iPhones from abroad and keep the price low. Because they are forced not only to transport large volumes of devices, but also to provide users with after-sales service, which also requires certain costs, not to mention warranty repairs, which for some time now sellers also perform on their own.

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