I’m glad that Apple decided to kill their compact iPhones. And you?


This fall, Apple will finally kill the iPhone 13 mini – one of the company’s most failed smartphones. Apple tried to make it better than the iPhone 12 mini, but even that didn’t help sales: as a result, this year the iPhone 14 Max will appear the size of the existing iPhone 13 Pro Max. There is no doubt that the smartphone will become one of the bestsellers, and Apple will again report high profits. And the time of compact smartphones is long gone – now you can talk about it with complete confidence. It only remains for the Cupertinians to quietly “strangle” the iPhone SE in its current form, after which the iPhone line will become ideal.

Why the iPhone 12 mini failed

Initially compact iPhone 12 were met warmly enough: users felt that Apple thus wants to attract those who big screen iphone seemed too bulky. Indeed, when you pick up a “minicom” and an iPhone 11 or any other with a 6.1 screen, the difference is really noticeable, although it is less than 1 inch. The smartphone really seems perfect, but exactly until someone’s iPhone 12 falls into their hands – exactly from that moment you realize that you were chasing a compact iPhone similar to the 5S or SE 1st generation in vain. Yes, and overpaid!

By the way, compact iPhone price unrealistic: no discounts and fluctuations in exchange rates help. Two years ago, users believed that the red price of the iPhone 12 mini was 40 thousand, but even two years later it can be found at best for 43-45 thousand. And this is for a complete set with 64 GB!

The absurdity is also added by the fact that at one point the mini-version was even more expensive than the regular iPhone 12 – why overpay for a small iPhone if you can get a normal-sized smartphone cheaper, and even with a good battery? With the iPhone 13 mini, the story is the same: they ask for something in the region of 51-55 thousand rubles for a version with 128 GB of memory and improved autonomy, but it’s better to overpay and buy an iPhone 13 – it will be around 57 thousand rubles for 128 GB.

iPhone with weak battery

Apple often gets caught up in the fact that it releases smartphones with a weak battery. True, the more expensive it is, the better it turns out to “twist” autonomy at the expense of software. But the iPhone 12 mini is a clear exception to the rule. The smartphone was initially expensive, but the battery in it is a joke (2227 mAh). Less – only the shameful iPhone SE 2020 (1821 mAh), although based on performance, their autonomy is about the same.

Of course, you can dig deeper into the settings, turn off background work, turn on power saving, and so on, but do users who pay a round sum for a smartphone count on this? Of course not. But it’s not about Apple’s greed: small smartphones are difficult to produce due to the dense arrangement of parts. Some of them even have to be reduced, for example, the motherboard or battery. All this leads to an increase in the cost of the smartphone, and on the example of the iPhone 12/13 mini, we also see that Apple has suffered serious losses.

Should I buy an iPhone 12 mini in 2022

In our section “Answers to questions” we often analyze interesting cases. One of them involved exchanging an iPhone 11 Pro for an iPhone 12 mini. So, this is one of the rare cases when the game is really worth the candle: in particular, because of the interesting form factor and the actual hardware.

Also worth buy a compact iPhone, if you’re considering it as a second smartphone, it’s a great choice for not carrying around two healthy phones. Alternatively, buy an iPhone 12/13 mini if ​​you are tired of bulky devices – so to speak, to freshen up a bit. True, these are all special cases. Be prepared for the fact that sooner or later you will have to face one of the problems of compact smartphones – take at least a quick failure of a small battery.

Personally, I do not feel sorry for compact smartphones. Once upon a time, even smartphones with a 5-inch screen were considered large: the Nokia Lumia 930 had such a display and seemed huge, but those days are far behind. And no matter how touched you are by the tiny iPhone, buying it for personal use is clearly not worth it under any pretext.

Start to doubt – just remember that iPhone 12 mini demand was very low – only 2-3% of sales in the US, and it was discontinued long before the presentation of 13 mini. And yes, the next one will be the iPhone SE 2022 – this Apple junk also needs to be disposed of as soon as possible so as not to disgrace.

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