If the iPhone SE 3 is like this, then I will definitely buy it


The first iPhone SE was introduced to us back in 2016. Then users really liked the new form factor. The old design, beloved by many of the five, has completely migrated to the new device. Later came the iPhone SE 2, which became a real hit. Cheap iPhone with top processor What else is needed for happiness? In fact, a lot of things: improved autonomy, a new camera, increased memory in the minimum version. All this we look forward to in the upcoming novelty – iPhone SE 3, which is rumored to be released at Apple’s spring event.

Immediately make a reservation that today we will not touch on issues specifications and prices iPhone SE 3. A lot of materials from colleagues have been released on this topic. If you don’t already know rumors about the new iPhone SEI recommend reading. In this article, I would like to talk about sore points: what is so lacking in the iPhone SE now.

New iPhone SE Processor

Apple’s policy regarding the iPhone SE was immediately clear – the cheapest iPhone with the top-end hardware. Obviously, in the new iPhone SE, the Cupertinos will install one of the most powerful chips. If we draw an analogy with other models, this should be the newly minted A15 Bionic, which is in the iPhone 13. Although, in all honesty, the A14 would be quite suitable here.

Again, the A13 copes with basic tasks with a bang. I’ve been using the iPhone SE for a while and haven’t had any problems. But we must look to the future. Another year will pass and some chips will simply not be available here. The ability to recognize text in photos, automatically translate text in Safari – all this requires a lot of resources.

The camera of the new iPhone SE

The camera is one of the most important criteria when choosing a smartphone. It is clear that budget iPhone cannot be shipped with the top camera unit from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If Apple plans to keep iPhone SE price at the same level, it would be foolish to expect any cardinal changes here. There are no complaints about the rear camera, it shoots at the level, but I would like the front camera to be better.

Now the iPhone SE 2020 has the same 7-megapixel camera as the iPhone XS or iPhone 11, but all fresher devices already have 12 MP. I would really like to see a slightly cooler camera in the new iPhone SE 3.

Understand that now a good front camera is not a whim, but rather a necessity. While many are in quarantine or working remotely, calling Zoom or MS Teams is as much a chore as breakfast or dinner. Plus, do not forget about schoolchildren, students, teachers. All education has also moved remotely.

iPhone SE autonomy

At the moment, I do not like the iPhone SE for only one reason – autonomy. Apple doesn’t like to talk about battery capacity numbers, and it’s not surprising. Friends, 1821 mAh in 2022 sounds ridiculous. I do not understand who is now going to such a purchase. When colleagues talked about the rave reviews from users, I was absolutely perplexed. Shoots well, you say? What’s the point if he doesn’t make it to the evening.

From our editorial office, Ivan Gerasimov is now using the iPhone SE. According to a colleague, if you remove the phone at 9 am and use it without fanaticism, then by 3 days there will be no more than 10-15%. Well, that’s no good. We sincerely hope that this will be fixed in the future model. However, judging by the rumors, a global upgrade is not worth waiting for.

Memory storage in iPhone SE

The exhausted question is how much memory to buy an iPhone with. If earlier I often said that you can safely take a 64 GB iPhone, then in 2022 you need to take a minimum of 128 GB. Photos and videos take up a lot of space, and 64 GB fills up in just a few months.

Especially since starting with iPhone 13, the minimum iPhone memory is 128 GB. We hope that the Cupertinos increased the memory not as some kind of premium chip, but simply because it is necessary in 2022. It will be very disappointing if Apple abandons the same idea with the iPhone SE 3.

what else is new in iPhone SE 2022

In addition, I would very much like to see the iPhone in the same case as the iPhone 8. It is extremely convenient to use and fits literally into any pocket of trousers or jeans. With might and main there are rumors that they are going to deprive us of the mini version, which I also really liked, well, at least let the iPhone SE remain the same as it was.

Plus, we can not say about 5G technology, which will definitely come to the new generation of budget iPhones. For us, it is of little importance, but in the future it can be very useful. In the end, we buy such a smartphone for more than one year.

What do you think about the new iPhone SE? Do you agree with us or do you think that everything is fine with him? Give feedback in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it will be interesting to read.

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