I would definitely buy such an iPhone: square body, Touch ID and USB-C


No matter how verified and recognizable they may be Apple smartphones, but the same design, exploited for years, gets bored almost immediately. Against the background of Android devices, many of which look really very modern and beautiful, the iPhone – even the flagship one – looks pretty simple. Looking at him, one gets the feeling that the developers and designers of Apple, when they created the next model, like Vovka from Far Far Away, decided that it would do. Buying is fine. But, let’s be honest, in direct comparison with the top solutions of Samsung, Huawei and even Xiaomi, iPhones simply have no chance. However, if you cram it into a more attractive case, it will be a completely different matter.

A Chinese engineer and part-time author of the Aio Technology channel decided rethink the iPhone and show what it can be. But not in the way that Apple usually does, only changing the location of the main camera blocks. He took the components of three iPhone models at once as the basis of his project, disassembled them, and then assembled them together, but in a different, truly unique case, which he printed on a 3D printer. It turned out really cool.

How to change iPhone

For the basis of the body used in custom iPhonethe design of the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, albeit with a number of significant changes. First of all, it is not so much the framelessness and the absence of a bang that catches the eye, although this matters, but a strict rectangular design. The enthusiast did not smooth the corners, but made them straight and sharp, which gave the device brutality and unusualness – just no one does this today.

To get rid of bangs, it was necessary opt out of Face ID. Therefore, it is not here at all. The smartphone uses the good old method of scanning fingerprints, migrated from iPhone SE 3, which was entered into the block of the main cameras – apparently, in order not to make it so noticeable. Despite this, this device still has a front camera. The engineer got confused and placed it on a special periscope-type mechanism. In principle, a face recognition scanner could also be inserted there, but most likely it turned out to be too complicated.

Apparently, the display here, like the fingerprint scanner, is taken from the iPhone SE 3, because the device turned out to be quite compact. And here battery – apparently, so that the smartphone lives longer – is used from the iPhone X. The choice is rather strange, but this moment was hardly fundamental. Most likely, the engineer just had this particular battery lying around, and he used it in the project.

However, this is not the only unusual solution. The enthusiast managed to add to the body of his smartphone headphone jack 3.5 mm, and the Lightning connector was replaced with USB-C. Similar experiments have already been carried out by other engineers, but they changed the charging socket on a commercial device, which they feared to damage. And here, since this is actually a combined hodgepodge, most likely there were no problems with replacing the connector.

The best iPhone – what is it

Camera it’s not easy here, but the top one is from the iPhone 13 Pro. To be honest, I have a hard time imagining how it was possible to make so many disparate components work with each other. In the end, iOS simply lacks the necessary APIs for processing an optical signal with subsequent output to headphones connected via a mini-jack. But no one said that it works. And the smartphone, to be honest, is experimental. So the requirements for it are quite low.

However, apparently, the device works quite tolerably. It perfectly perceives pressing and very quickly moves through the interface. Of course, there is nothing to be especially surprised here, because it is not known how the device would behave in real life. However, you can see that the transformations had a negative impact on its thickness. It looks at least 1.5 times thicker than iPhone 12 or 13. This is not good. But in general, it is perceived as a logical sacrifice.

I don’t know about you, but I liked the device. Especially its appearance, which makes it truly unique. For the sake of such a design, I would even be ready to sacrifice face ID, which I am very used to and which I consider to be a more perfect way of identifying than Touch ID. And as for the mini-jack, neither I nor millions of other users most likely feel the need for it.

Therefore, I would be very happy if Apple really introduced something as brutal, atypical and universal through the use of USB-C connector. And all the other chips as such do not matter. I’m a little confused by the periscope frontalka, which is likely to break or stop working. But, as we know, Chinese manufacturers have already got the hang of making such mechanisms so durable that even an accidental bump or fall will not disable them just like that. So why not.

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