I came up with a wild design for the new iPhone. You can mess with him any way you want.


Many probably no longer remember how the journalists of thematic publications imagined first iPhone before its release. Many sincerely believed that Apple would release a smartphone in the style of the then iPod Classic, with a Click Wheel and a built-in hard drive. Since then, of course, no one imagined the new iPhones to be such a Frankenstein. Not because people no longer have any ideas, but because after so many years everyone has already understood that Apple never changes the design of its smartphones in a drastic way. But this does not mean that no one can now dream up.

Developer Neil Agarwal made a web constructor where everyone can create their own future iPhone design. Despite the fact that the service involves working with three-dimensional models, it opens in a regular browser and does not require special knowledge in web modeling.

Website design constructor

When you first start you will see a kind of blank. Because only at first glance it is a smartphone, but in reality it is just a case and a screen without a single button, cutout and even a logo. You have to hang them on the blank yourself. Just take and drag the desired element to the device.

The range of available components that can be equipped with an iPhone is quite wide. In addition to the standard volume buttons, camera modules, the Home key and the Lightning port, there are a lot of very uncharacteristic for iPhones from Click Wheel and Pro Stand for Studio Display to Mac Pro wheels and quadcopter propeller.

The constructor is designed in such a way that you can place any element in any part of the smartphone. The service does not limit you in any way. If desired, you can place the silent mode toggle switch at least at the top, at least at the bottom, at least right on the screen.

The design of the new iPhone

look, how my iPhone turned out:

  • Drum dialer on touch screen;
  • Front camera in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • At the top of the smartphone case is an antenna;
  • On the right side is the Digital Crown wheel from the Apple Watch;
  • On the back there is a logo of a bitten pear instead of an apple;
  • A propeller from a quadrocopter – apparently, in case of falls.

After you’ve finished assembling your layout, click on the Present button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a new screen that will show off the smartphone you created with the signature The all new iPhone and it is not clear why at a zero price, and Tim Cook will come out on the side and say words of admiration.

Optionally, a video spinning your 3D render of the newly created iPhone You can download it to your computer or phone. Just click Download Video and it will download automatically. It’s a pity that the constructor doesn’t allow you to save just static pictures: it was both more interesting and more convenient to interact with the result.

What will be the iPhone 14

Of course, these are all just jokes. Real iPhone, which will most likely be called the iPhone 14, will not have any outstanding design elements. The two base models will receive a look that is completely identical to the iPhone 13, and the two older ones – for the first time in 5 years – will lose their bangs on the screen. It will be replaced with a double cutout for the front camera and Face ID sensors. This Apple is going to call a redesign.

In principle, the upgrade, although not very significant, is still very noticeable. The fact is that the updated appearance catches the consumer quite well, who is more actively buying a new product. After all, even if a new color increases sales, what can we say about a new design that will allow others to understand for sure that they are not in front of some old iPhoneand the most that neither is new.

iPhone 14 Pro price

iPhone 14 presentation, if you believe the leaks, it will take place on September 7, and official sales will begin on 16 already. This is a pretty early release. In past years, Apple could delay the release until almost the beginning of October, but this time it is clearly in a hurry. Rumor has it that the main reason for this is the desire to sell as many smartphones as possible before the upcoming recession and the weakening of the American economy. Whether this is actually the case is an open question.

However, Apple really has something to fear. Although iPhone prices remain the same, the two older models will rise in price by 10%. The iPhone 14 Pro will cost $1,099 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $1,199. This is not a critical increase, but a noticeable one, and Apple may well be worried that consumer interest in new products may be weakened by the price increase. So it is possible that Cupertino really wants to start selling as soon as possible, until something like that happens again in the world.

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