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iPhone 13

Despite all the logic and iOS intuitiveness, this operating system contains many, if not hidden, then at least non-obvious functions. They are not only hidden somewhere in the depths of the system settings, but often have an unobvious name so that they can be easily found using the built-in search. There are exceptions, no doubt. Another thing is that when you do not suspect the existence of a particular function, most likely, it is unlikely that you will come up with the idea of ​​​​trying to find it. One of these functions is noise suppression.

Noise canceling built into iPhone by default, has nothing to do with headphones or music playback per se. That is, it will not work to add ANC technology to your “ears” with it. But why, in this case, is it needed at all and, most importantly, how to turn it on? About everything in order.

Phone noise canceling – and this is how this function is correctly called – is part of universal access and serves to noise suppression during telephone conversations. It lowers the level of external sounds during a telephone conversation. This is a key requirement for its operation, because the function does not work in other modes.

Phone noise canceling. How to turn on

It’s rather strange that Apple stuffed phone noise reduction so deep into the settings, although it would seem much more logical to put it in the most prominent place. Still suppression of external noise when talking on the phone – this is not some kind of geeky thing, but a function that is quite in demand by most users.

  • Go to “Settings” and open “Accessibility”;
  • Scroll down to the “Audio Visualization” section;
  • In the window that opens, enable “Phone Noise Cancellation”;
  • Try calling someone and test the feature.

Important clarification: noise reduction function during phone calls only works if you hold the smartphone near your ear. That is, on the speakerphone, when the sound goes through the sound speaker, the noise reduction will not work. The fact is that in this mode the microphone works in enhanced mode, and it is difficult for the smartphone to transmit the noise it picks up.

However, there is another aspect that you need to be aware of. Oddly enough, not all iPhone models support phone noise reduction. For example, the entire iPhone 13 line is deprived of this function. It turns out that Apple did not add it to the firmware of the flagship smartphones of the current generation from the very beginning, but no one noticed this for a long time.

iPhone 13 noise reduction not working

However, just the other day, Reddit users noticed that the iPhone 13 does not offer the ability to enable noise reduction during telephone conversations. In response to their request for clarification on the reason for such selectivity, Apple replied that the lineup does not support the feature in principle, and it will not be added to its firmware.

The only analogue noise reduction features, available to iPhone 13 owners, is voice isolation that does roughly the same thing. It detects the level of external noise and blocks them, allowing the interlocutor to hear you better. True, isolation is available only when using FaceTime, but not in the Phone app.

Maybe, Noise canceling removed from iPhone 13 just like 3D Touch was removed at one time. Apple simply felt that this technology did not make much sense. However, this is not entirely fair. After all, if the enhanced pressing in Cupertino was simply replaced with long ones, then noise reduction was left only to the owners of the most advanced headphones.

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