How to speed up iMac to 2020 release


Old iMacs are good for almost everyone – they can serve you as long as possible and have, perhaps, only one significant drawback. Such computers have a conventional HDD hard drive installed (which is not surprising, given the time they were released), which, to put it mildly, does not please with high speeds, especially considering what Apple 2021 technology offers. Indeed, solid-state drives (SSD) have a whole several advantages compared to HDD. And with an SSD, you can literally give your iMac a second life without having to spend money on an expensive upgrade.

Your old iMac can run up to 10 times faster. We tell how

Previously, buying a new iMac, and even overpaying for an SSD in the configuration, was a very dubious undertaking. Of course, it was possible to sell the old computer, but in the end it still turned out to be a decent value. Now a terabyte SSD can be bought for quite adequate money. There are more expensive options like the Samsung EVO 860 1TB, and drives from this particular manufacturer are considered the best. Apple itself does not hesitate to use them in its computers.

How to Install an SSD in an iMac

We asked the Apple Pro Service Center to tell you how to replace an HDD with an SSD in an iMac.

First, a matrix is ​​pried off with a special tool to detach it from the body. In modern models, it is glued to the tape, which holds it. Previously, it was fastened with screws, and the protective glass with magnets, and there were some difficulties.

It looks like iMac, which removed the matrix

After disconnecting the cables from the motherboard and a couple of manipulations, the standard HDD is directly replaced with a new SSD drive. They are the same size and perfectly fit each other.

Removing the old HDD

Installing a new SSD

After the main work is completed, it is necessary to prepare the computer for assembly. It is important to note that Apple Pro service specialists use original tape from Apple. That is, the same one that is used at the factory during the initial assembly. Services often save on scotch tape, as a result, after a while, the iMac glass falls off and breaks. Little pleasant.

This is what the original Apple tape looks like

The final step will be connecting the matrix, installing the OS and checking all systems. Only then do specialists glue the matrix.

Apple Pro also offers an iMac RAM upgrade of up to 16GB or 32GB on select iMac 21 and iMac 27 models.

Should You Install an SSD in an iMac?

If you still have doubts, here are the results of the drive speed tests after replacing the HHD with an SSD in the iMac. Almost 10 times more! Owners of older iMacs with a hard drive won’t lie, and if they don’t believe them, they can download the Blackmagic Disk SpeedTest utility and see for themselves.

After installing an SSD, the speed increases significantly

Don’t be afraid to experiment and give your old computers new life, as SSDs can be installed in other iMacs, as well as Mac mini and some MacBook Pro models. The main thing is to observe the utmost care at each stage and contact qualified specialists. The future is definitely SSDs. And now their cost is much lower than a few years ago.

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