How to set up a new iPhone


How to transfer data to a new iPhone

If you have both the old and the new iPhonethen you can do without creating a backup in iCloud – “Quick Start” will transfer everything for you.

  • Once you have selected your language and region, select “Quick Start” to migrate your data.
  • Bring your old iPhone running iOS 11 or later and you’ll see a notification that the transfer is ready.
  • Scan the encrypted message in the form of a balloon on the new iPhone.
  • Enter the passcode for your old iPhone.

The process takes some time. Do not interrupt the process, otherwise you will have to start over. Also, if you missed this feature when you first started your iPhone and the transfer notification doesn’t appear, you can find it in iOS Settings:

  • Go to Settings, select “General”.
  • At the very bottom, select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Click Get Started.

What settings to turn off on iPhone

By default, not the most necessary functions are included in the iPhone, which only interfere. After activating your iPhone, you can safely turn them off.

  • Raise to activate iPhone. At first, this feature seems convenient, but only until the moment when you start using your iPhone too actively: you can hold the iPhone in your hand, and the screen will automatically turn on. You can turn it off by going to Settings and selecting “Screen and Brightness» — «Raise to activate“.
  • Screen Time on iPhone. The function is designed to dose the use of different applications: from games and social networks to a browser and messengers. Unfortunately, over time, it only harms: constant notifications about the restriction only enrage, and weekly reports are of little use. Feel free to turn off screen time in Settings – “screen time» — «Turn off Screen Time“.
  • iPhone Sounds. Keyboard clicks and other sound notifications are turned on by default on your iPhone. Unfortunately, keyboard sounds are not needed: they do not always coincide with pressing during typing, and they also interfere when AirPods are connected to the iPhone. Disable in Settings – “Sounds and tactile cues» — «Keyboard clicks“.
  • Auto update on iPhone. This applies to new versions of iOS so that the iPhone does not automatically download them: you should be able to review the updates before installing them. Disabled like this: Settings – “Main» — «Software Update» — «Auto update“.

What features to enable on iPhone

When launching a new iPhone for the first time, some features can be skipped, while others are important to enable immediately upon activation of the iPhone so as not to delay.

  • Set up Apple Pay. Usually, Apple Pay settings get lost after data transfer. Add the required payment cards immediately during iPhone activation.
  • Face ID on iPhone. One of the most important functions to protect your smartphone, which is better to activate immediately.
  • Location service on iPhone. Despite all kinds of criticism of geolocation, it is better to enable this feature immediately and not disable it. The work of the Locator depends on it: you can track where not only your devices, but also members of the Family are, and also find your iPhone if you lose it.

How to properly charge a new iPhone

Surely you have heard about iPhone charging tips that are given to beginners. Do they need to be followed? Let’s figure it out.

  • Do I need to completely drain the new iPhone? Sales consultants often recommend defusing new iPhone completely before the first charge. But you don’t need to do this: it concerned old phones with ancient batteries that might not work at full capacity. The iPhone does not have this problem. The only reason you need completely drain your iPhone – This is for calibrating the charge controller. So the smartphone will more accurately display the level of charge.
  • Do I need to fully charge the new iPhone? There is no memory effect in modern batteries, you can remove the iPhone from charging at any time. But, again, for the purpose of calibration for the first time, you can charge the device up to 100%.
  • How to extend the life of your iPhone battery? Modern batteries do not tolerate a low charge, and they should not be charged to 100%. Therefore, try to stick to the indicator from 20 to 80%. In addition, despite the lack of an adapter, be sure to buy an original charger from appleto make the battery last longer. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn on optimized charging in your battery settings. iPhone will charge more slowly, but wear will decrease.

How do you set up a new iPhone? Share your tips in the comments.

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