How to Save Money on iPhone Repairs When You Can’t Buy a New One


The news that Apple stopped selling its devices in Russia turned out to be some kind of unexpected. We understood that this could happen, but hardly anyone was completely sure of this. We will not talk about the reasons now. After all, we have a separate article about this. Now I’d better tell you what to do if you were going to buy a new phone, but for some reason didn’t have time. There is only one way out – to repair. True, against the backdrop of recent events, this may turn out to be costly or risky. Therefore, let’s dwell on this issue in more detail.

Where to repair iPhone

I’ll start right away with the fact that you can not rush to solve this issue thoughtlessly. The simplest thing is to find a service on the Internet that will drop out on the first link and apply there. Not so long ago, I already talked about the fact that you can’t do this, because the first lines have long been bought out or occupied by competent optimizers, not masters. How to avoid such masters and save a lot on repairs, I will tell you a little lower.

The risk of stumbling upon a scam or poor-quality repairs on the first page of the search results is several times higher than on the second and beyond. Now the issue is especially acute, when the iPhone is no longer supplied, though expensive, but officially. They will be sold by resellers, significantly overestimating the price tag. Buying such a gadget is also fraught, and I also told you why. In short, you can simply void your warranty.

Will iPhone repairs go up?

But the most important thing is that due to the increase in the price of new phones, the price of spare parts, especially original ones, will also increase. As a result, you may be faced with a situation where your phone will simply be allowed for spare parts. For example, you ask to replace the battery, and they will not only supply you with a bad battery at an exorbitant price, but also replace some other part with a replica, in order to then sell the original to someone else.

Schemes can be different and of varying degrees of arrogance, but this is big business, and it’s scary for me personally to trust the first service center that comes across. Check that he has a history, he had a website that has been registered for a long time and has been working for a long time. Better yet, contact the one that real people will recommend to you, and not exclusively positive reviews on the site of the service itself.

For example, we have been working with the Apple Pro service center for a long time and have already written more than a dozen joint materials with them. At the same time, we repair and upgrade our devices with them. I even gave them my working iMac to replace the Fusion Drive with a full-fledged SSD, which multiplied the period of its comfortable use.

What most often breaks in the iPhone

They told us more than once that the most frequent calls are battery replacement and broken screen glass. If everything is clear with the first, then in the second case you risk either installing a copy, often at the price of the original, but of significantly lower quality, or simply overpaying for an unnecessary procedure. For comparison, replacing the screen with the original now costs 20-30 thousand rubles, depending on the iPhone model. But you can change the glass for 5-7 thousand rubles, and Apple Pro engineers can do it. I myself was present at this process, and it impressed me very much.

Now back to the cost of repairs. Due to the increase in the dollar and the lack of original spare parts, repair prices at all service centers, including good ones, will increase. The repair price consists of the replacement service and the cost of the spare part itself. Even if the service does not rise in price very much, an increase in the cost of spare parts will lead to a 2x or even greater increase in the price as a whole. But there is a way to avoid this.

how to fix iphone cheaper

Our friends from the Apple Pro service center are ready to keep prices down in every possible way until the end of this week, and despite the increased demand, repair Apple equipment at the old prices. From the point of view of a respectful attitude towards customers, this is a very correct decision, and we support it in every possible way.

There is no doubt that prices will rise, and I think many will agree with me on this. Therefore, it is necessary to decide quickly. All service centers will raise prices, and many have already done so. But the Apple Pro guys personally told us that there would be no changes until the end of the week. And this is what I said above – you need to contact those who will be recommended to you. We recommend Apple Pro to the entire editorial staff, as we have been working with them for a very long time.
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