How to properly clean your iPhone and how not to do it


How to clean your phone

The tips below will be based on Apple’s recommendations, personal experience, and advice from our friends at the Apple Pro Service Center. When applying all the above methods of cleaning, be careful and do it without undue fanaticism. In most cases, it will be difficult to break the phone, but even such cases happen, and you should not replenish this statistics.

How to sanitize your phone

In the last couple of years, the issue of cleaning the phone from bacteria has become especially acute. But even before that, it was necessary to periodically disinfect it, as I said above. Many people do this with alcohol wipes with additives or just pure alcohol, but this is not the way to do it.

The iPhone screen has an oleophobic coating that reduces the appearance of fingerprints. In models with a smooth glass back wall, it is also covered with it. If you erase this layer with too aggressive substances, the phone will not be so pleasant in your hand, your fingers will not slide so well on the screen, it will get dirty and even scratches may appear on it.

To avoid this, Apple recommends using wipes soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol or Clorox sterilizing wipes. In this case, you must immediately forget about bleaches and hydrogen peroxide.

The Apple Pro Service Center adds that you should avoid getting liquids in the connectors and never completely immerse the phone in such liquids. What this is fraught with even for a secure phone, we already wrote. And yes, before starting work, be sure to turn off the phone.

How to clean the iPhone connector

Many people underestimate the amount of garbage that collects in the phone’s charging port. With each connection of the power cable, it is additionally tamped down and after a while it can lead to the fact that the phone simply will not charge until you clean it.

The nature of such garbage is simple – dust, lint, pellets from pockets and some other “substances”.

Unlike USB Type-C, Cleaning the Lightning connector is easier, because there is no “tongue” inside. Before starting work, the phone must be turned off. You can use a wooden toothpick and very carefully pick it up in the connector. The main thing is not to scrape along its inner walls so as not to damage the contacts. Due to the presence of contacts there, do not use paper clips, needles and other metal objects. According to Apple Pro experts, users often come to them with difficult cases – someone needs to clean the connector, and someone needs to repair it after cleaning it with a paper clip.

Can you clean your phone with compressed air?

In short, it’s not worth it. Usually the flow is quite strong and can damage the elements of the connector, speakers and microphone. And even more so, do not blow into the connectors. With this action, particles of saliva always fly out of the mouth, which will fall on the contacts and will slowly oxidize them.

How to wash iPhone

If you need to remove ordinary mechanical dirt or stains from the case, you should first disconnect all wires from the iPhone and turn it off. Next, take a soft, lint-free cloth lightly dampened with mild soapy water, or an optical cleaning cloth. They should wipe the device.

This is where the advice from the iPhone manufacturer and the Apple Pro service center converge. The main thing – do not use aggressive cleaners and abrasive cloths. Also, make sure that liquids do not get into the connectors or openings of the phone.

It should be noted separately that it is impossible to wash the iPhone, even with protection, under running water! Even if it’s a new phone, you don’t care deny warranty and it’s written in small print on the iPhone page on Apple’s website.

Can you use iPhone cleaning wipes?

Can! But not by all. Choose only high-quality wipes for screens of mobile devices or optics. Cleaning cloths for plastics, windows, or the like may damage the finish of the case and/or screen. It will be impossible to restore it without replacing the elements.

As you can see, it is possible and necessary to clean the iPhone. The main thing is not to use aggressive means, to do everything very carefully and turn off the phone before that. Then the service centers will have less work. Although, if you are not confident in yourself, you need to clean the speaker or microphone, remove complex dirt from the case, then it is better to go to the experts right away.

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