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Almost every year we are surprised that the new iPhone has become even more expensive. Even if the cost of the base model does not change, versions with a larger screen diagonal or more memory appear. The more expensive the phone becomes, the less the owner has a desire to somehow damage it. Moreover, often an increase in price does not affect the durability of the device. But even those who firmly hold their smartphone in their hands and are never afraid to break it, still risk greatly reducing its service life if they do not change their habits regarding this device. There are literally a few of them, but they affect the smartphone so much that they often spoil it right before our eyes. How to protect your iPhone and what should you stop doing with it so that it serves for a really long time?

What is the most common phone breakdown?

If you do not drop the phone, do not break it or dip it in water (this cannot be done even for rugged models), only the battery and related electronics can be damaged from improper use in it. There is still a risk of damage to the case by improper cleaning, but we talked about this in a separate article.

In the case of the iPhone, battery replacement is not comparable in cost, but it still costs money. Many do not dare to this procedure, which means that battery wear becomes an even greater problem for them. There are also cases of installing batteries that are frankly dangerous for the smartphone and its user. Our friends from the service center are increasingly telling us about them.

What batteries are in the iPhone

Almost all modern smartphones and other devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion). You can rarely find models with lithium polymer (Li-Po) power supplies. There are other options, but they are much less common due to the greater limitation of capabilities, less resource, or greater demands on operating conditions.

It is lithium-ion batteries that are the easiest to use. They forgive a lot of mistakes and are quite durable, but we ourselves stubbornly continue to spoil our devices in a variety of ways.

Battery memory effect

About 10-15 years ago, the most common were versions of batteries that had the so-called memory effect and required a full charge after a complete discharge. Otherwise, they “remembered” the conditional 50% of the charge on which you connected them to the outlet, and worked only at half their capacity. Of course, this did not happen all at once. The memory effect could be eliminated by repeatedly fully discharging, which is called “battery training”, but using such power sources was inconvenient.

Now such batteries are extremely rare in the composition of devices for mass use. They can be found either inside specialized gadgets or as separate batteries. For example, in the form of nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium rechargeable “batteries”.

All iPhones are equipped with Li-Ion batteries, which you can buy and install yourself according to the instructions, but it is better to do it at a service center.

Should I completely drain my phone?

Modern Li-Ion batteries that are installed in the iPhone feel best when working in the range of 30-80% charge. At the same time, the memory effect is almost completely devoid of. So, the most correct thing would be to constantly support devices in this range. That is, do not be afraid to charge the phone by 40-60%. The need for a full discharge for the iPhone is a myth. Moreover, deep discharge is also harmful.

Can you charge your phone at night

Many people think that a phone that charges at night will last longer. Like, the more power is supplied to it, the better it will charge. This is not true!

In this case you, on the contrary, wear out the battery, which is constantly energized, which greatly reduces its resource. There are even smart charging systems that fight this. They immediately provide about 80% of the battery charge, and the remaining 20% ​​is gained just before you wake up in the morning.

It’s a half measure, but it’s there. It is better, comparing this and the previous paragraph, to make sure that the phone is charging while you are awake. For example, in the evening or in the morning. If, after charging it in the evening, in the morning you have too little charge, then this is a sign of a battery malfunction and you should contact a service center for diagnostics.

Phone gets hot while charging

This may be a sign of a malfunction or that you are accustomed to charging it, for example, on a window. Direct sunlight already heats up devices, and during charging, the temperature can rise even more. This leads to bloating of the battery and even sometimes to her fire – there are plenty of cases.

Charging at low temperatures is also undesirable. The chemical processes inside the battery in this case proceed a little differently, which also negatively affects it. However, low temperature is a lesser evil than high.

Is it dangerous to use non-original charger

There is nothing dangerous in non-original charging, but only in one case – it must be of high quality. Otherwise, the risk of damage to the battery or its power controller increases significantly.

But precisely original charger is the best option and it is better to use it. Moreover, the cost of a high-quality analogue will not differ significantly from the original version. Using cheap cables and even more so power adapters can damage the power controller. In its normal state, it reduces power consumption and puts the battery into a saving mode when the phone is locked. If it burns out, then the battery will always be under load.

From the outside, it looks like a worn out battery that needs to be changed, but it is the controller that needs to be checked before replacing. Good service centers do just that. Otherwise, you will be changing the battery over and over again.

Should You Use Power Bank?

Experts recommend using an external battery only when there is no outlet nearby. If she is, then better to use the original charger (see previous paragraph).

I will only add that manufacturers of such portable chargers try to make them as small as possible or use as large a battery as possible for the same size. As a result, there is no room for a normal power controller, and we get the risk of power surges.

Again, choose only good external batteries from well-known brands. They won’t be able to replace an outlet, but one replacement for a broken iPhone battery will be much more expensivethan the difference between a quality model and its cheap counterpart. Savings in this business is a bad companion.

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