How to enable Wi-Fi calls on iPhone and why you need them


How often do you use regular calls on your smartphone? Surely, in most cases, you make a voice call using FaceTime or Telegram: it is both free and does not require a SIM card, and the quality is often many times higher. In recent years, operators have begun to introduce useful features, one of them is VoWiFi, which allows you to make calls to your cellular using a wireless connection. Stop, why is it needed if you can call in Telegram? Explaining this and more How VoWiFi Workswhich operators have this option and how it differs from VoLTE.

What is WiFi

Calls over Wi-Fi or WiFi Calling you can make and receive phone calls where there are communication problems. For example, on the first floors of buildings, outside the city, in new buildings and in other places where the signal is not good enough. In addition, it is useful if you go on vacation to another country – you just need to connect to Wi-Fi, after activating this option in the settings.

This is more convenient than Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp, because both users need to install the application and even be connected to the Internet. Even parents are still not easy to cope with such methods of communication, and yet there are still people who use not smartphones, but push-button phones.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions when using Wi-Fi Calling: you can easily dial another subscriber, even if he does not have a smartphone. There are no restrictions. And here are a few more the benefits of VoWiFi on a smartphone.

  • When calling from another country, you will use your home tariff instead of expensive roaming, and considering that now many people have hundreds of minutes idle on their account, even a long call will be free.
  • You will be able to use mobile Internet during the call. After all, with a normal call, LTE switches to 3G and the pages in the browser are not loaded.
  • Due to VoWiFi, you will always be in touch, even if there is no network, but there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • VoWiFi and VoLTE – Different things. For the first option, you need Wi-Fi, for the second, it is logical to connect to the network via LTE.

So, Wi-Fi Calling is an improved version of a regular phone call. And to choose whether to call in the messenger or just by phone is a personal matter for everyone. But it looks like you can call more people this way, even while on the plane!

How to make Wi-Fi calls on iPhone

It is important to know that the technology is quite new and does not work for all operators and not in all regions. The VoWiFi coverage area is as follows.

The situation with Tele2 is not very clear: the site indicates that the service is available to subscribers in Moscow and the Moscow region, but the service is not available for connection. Perhaps it is connected automatically? But no: there is no information on Wi-Fi calling on the Apple website either. In addition, there are no necessary parameters in the iPhone settings and a special inscription at the top of the screen, where the operator’s name is usually displayed. It is noteworthy that operators call it in their own way: Wi-Fi Calling or VoWiFi.

It is noteworthy that Wi-Fi Calling works on iPhone 5c / 5S and newer, but on Megafon this function will be available at least on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and on Beeline on iPhone 6s or 6s Plus or newer with iOS 15.2 installed. Enabling the feature is very easy.

  • Make sure your iPhone and carrier support VoWiFi.
  • Go to Settings, select “Phone”.
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling and turn on the switch. If you do not have this item, do not worry: it means that your operator does not support it.
  • To check Wi-Fi calls, just turn on Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi on your iPhone. The name of the operator in the corner of the screen will change, but you will be able to make a call! Fiction!

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi calling does not work on any iPad, including the Cellular model, or Apple Watch. However, calls will go through if the “On other devices” feature is enabled in the gadget’s settings. It is also important that the SIM card or eSIM must be installed in the iPhone, otherwise VoWiFi will not work.

iOS 16 will be released very soon, which means that we are waiting for serious innovations. One of them is the possibility transfer eSIM from old iPhone to new one. To learn how to do this in iOS 15 and iOS 16, read our article.

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