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There is an opinion that AirPods are the standard of wireless headphones in recent years. This is partly due to the convenient form factor and fast synchronization with the iPhone or other Apple devices within the ecosystem. How do AirPods work with other devices? You can connect them to Android and even Windows, but you need to be prepared for certain nuances. In particular, the headphones are not so easy to connect, and they also have to be disconnected from the PC each time in order for them to work correctly. Today I’ll tell you about How to Connect AirPods to Windows Properlyhow to set them up and what to do if AirPods not working with laptop.

Can AirPods be connected to a laptop?

AirPods work well with Windows: Touch control available, use one earpiece, use the microphone for calls or voice recording, and enable noise cancellation on AirPods Pro pressing on the leg. It is important to remember that features may not work in all applications. For example, on YouTube, Kinopoisk or the AIMP player, you can control playback, but not always in some standard applications. In Windows Media Player or its equivalent Movies and TV, videos are paused or switched through once.

But activating Siri, viewing the battery charge of the case and headphones are not available. Unfortunately, only a characteristic sound signal can notify you of this. Or you can check AirPods charge on iPhone. So, there are no restrictions. On the other hand, it seems to me personally that connected to a laptop AirPods sound so much better, especially if it is the 2nd or 3rd generation of headphones. Apparently, this is affected by the sound settings of applications on Windows.

How to connect AirPods to a laptop

Connect AirPods to Windows 10 Pretty easy, but there are a few caveats. Let’s see how it’s done.

A notification will appear connecting AirPods to PC at the bottom of the screen. It would seem that you can put on AirPods and listen to music? Do not hurry. In the Bluetooth settings, first you need to click on your headphones in the list and select “Connect”. You will see “Connected voice, music” – now you can use AirPods on Windows.

But if we are used to AirPods turn off automatically on iOS or Mac, when you put them in a case, then on Windows everything is more complicated. You need to go back to the Bluetooth settings and click “Disconnect”, otherwise the headphones will remain paired with the laptop, and the sound will simply go nowhere or the music will not play at all. If this item is not there, then just turn off Bluetooth on Windows.

The same is true when reconnecting AirPods to a PC: opening the case and turning on Bluetooth on the laptop is not enough to connect. You need to go back to the settings and click “Connect”. The inscription “Paired” only means that AirPods are in the list of devices.

Why AirPods won’t connect to my computer

Did everything according to the instructions, and Sound from computer not coming to AirPods? This is also very easy to solve.

  • Turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone or iPad you use with these AirPods. Just turn off the module: if you just disconnect the smartphone from the headphones in the settings, they will still connect back when you take them out of the case again.
  • If the headphones are already connected to a laptop on Windows 10, but there is still no sound, click the sound icon on the taskbar and touch the name of the output device: you will see a list of available gadgets. Click on your AirPods and the sound will start playing in them.
  • In the list of devices, check if the laptop is currently connected to other headphones or a speaker. For example, when I turn on Bluetooth, my computer automatically finds Yandex.Station and broadcasts sound to it.

Pay attention to the Bluetooth version in the laptop and AirPods. If you have AirPods Pro 2 with the latest 5.3 module, and in a laptop, for example, a 5.0 module, they will work, since the new versions are compatible with the old ones, but with limitations. So, unfortunately, it will not be possible to take advantage of all the chips, including work without interference or low latency.

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