How to change your card in Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

Not so long ago, the Central Bank of Russia announced that Apple is disconnecting 5 Russian banks from Apple Pay. In order for contactless payment to work, many cardholders of sub-sanctioned banks needed to change their card in the Apple payment system. In this article, we will talk about which banks were affected by the latest sanctions, we will analyze in detail, how to switch apple pay from one card to another on iPhone and Apple Watch, how to add a new card to Wallet and discuss all the nuances that may arise during this procedure.

Now we won’t touch the questions card changes in Apple ID. If you are faced with problems paying for purchases in the App Store or you Can’t renew Apple Musictake a look at our article. Using the MIR map as an example, we described in detail how you can set up a new card in Apple ID.

Apple Pay doesn’t work in Russia

Once again, we will make a reservation, Apple Pay does not work only with banks from the list below. Cardholders of other banks can still pay for purchases with iPhone.

The only caveat is that bank terminal (which is at the checkout) can be served by a bank from the list below. Therefore, many people have problems when paying with other cards. Always carry a physical card with you, just in case.

Below you see a list banks that have been sanctioned. On them Apple Pay not working:

  • VTB;
  • Opening;
  • Sovcombank (including Halva installment card);
  • Novikombank;
  • Promsvyazbank.

Here is what the Central Bank of Russia says about this:

How to change the default card in Apple Pay

If by default Apple Pay has a card from VTB or another bank under sanctions, you need to change the card in Settings. You can do this in the following way:

  • Open the Wallet app on iPhone.
  • Press and hold your finger on the card you want to set as your primary card.
  • Move the card to the end of the list.
  • After that, a notification will appear on the smartphone that the default map has been changed.
  • Click OK.

How to add a card to Apple Pay

Many users have only one card installed in Apple Pay. In this case, you will need to add a second card on your iPhone.

There is a section in the Wallet app menu Previously added cards. If you used your card to pay in the App Store, or for some reason deleted your card and want to add it again, go to this section.

  • Open the Wallet app on iPhone.
  • Next, click the Add button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Debit or Credit Card, click Next.
  • Then point your camera at the map or tap Enter data manually at the bottom of the screen.
  • Verify all information and click Next.
  • Enter additional card details, click Next.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

How to add a card to Apple Watch

you also can add a card to Apple Watch. For this you need:

  • Go to the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Then scroll through and go to the Wallet and Apple Pay section.
  • After that, click the Add button next to the card you are interested in.
  • Enter the CVV code on the back of your bank card.
  • Agree to the terms of the agreement, follow the instructions on the screen.

At the bottom of this section, you can also find the payment options, where there is a toggle switch Pay on Mac. By enabling it, you can set up payment on your computer in various online stores.

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