How much storage does an iPhone need in 2022


Buying a new iPhone always starts with choosing a model and color. And this is the simplest thing that buyers have to decide before buying a new thing. The hardest question comes later: how much memory to choose. Taking into account the fact that for the second year in a row the base models are equipped with 128 GB of memory, many people stop at this option, believing that this amount of memory should be enough for all needs. But is it really so? After all, if a large number of different programs are installed on the iPhone, then the cache from them can clog memory quickly enough.

However, there is still a difference in price between different memory in the iPhone, and for many it is significant. Let’s find out which best memory for iPhone in 2022, what it is spent on and how it can be cleaned in case of a shortage.

How much memory is used in iphone

In fact, the question: how much memory does an iPhone need arises annually. Probably, only with the transfer of the basic versions of the iPhone 13 to a 128 GB drive did it begin to sound less often. After all, many buyers believe that this amount of memory should be enough for them. We conducted a survey in our Telegram channel to find out how much memory in iphone occupied by users:

40% of those who voted answered that their iPhones have up to 64 GB of memory. And 35% – that from 64 to 128 GB. With a certain degree of probability, we can say that most users choose basic iPhones with a minimum amount of memory, wanting to save money. Of course, it may be that 60 gigs are occupied, and the iPhone itself is 512 GB, but such cases are quite rare, so you can not pay special attention to them.

But basic does not mean optimal. When choosing a smartphone memory, you should first of all start from your needs and understand that the newer the phone, the more space it will take up content. For example, when filming something iPhone 14 Pro Max camera at maximum resolution, you’ll clog base memory in a couple of days. Therefore, this option is not suitable for him. If you do not use a camera, but only surf social networks and just the Internet, then you may well fit into such a volume.

However, keep in mind that over time, even using ordinary applications, the memory is melting before our eyes. See just how much cache different social media and messenger apps generate. Just go to the settings of Telegram, WhatsApp or VKontakte and estimate the amount of memory used. Some users are now probably shocked at how much space can be freed up in their devices.

iPhone with which memory is better

But this has one nuance. If you have chosen an iPhone with a minimum amount of space, then you will have to do tricks with clearing the cache on a regular basis. This, of course, is a fairly fast process, but the fact is that it will have to be distracted. A smartphone with a large volume will allow you to simply use it and not think about anything. Imagine that you have 90 gigs out of 128 currently occupied. Quite quickly, the remaining memory can fill up, and you are already starting to worry about how you can free it up, thinking about iCloud and other joys of cloudy life.

And if you had a built-in drive of 256 GB or even more, then you would simply forget about such a problem for a very long time. Therefore purchase iPhone with more storage is primarily an investment in your quiet use of your smartphone. You don’t have to fool your head with the fact that tomorrow you definitely need to clear the cache or otherwise you won’t be able to take a cool photo. Be sure to consider this point before buying. It is very important to evaluate all the risks and choose the right version.

Personally, I’m optimal today storage space for all iPhones I think exactly 256 GB. The overpayment for it is not as big as for all the others. However, it will suffice for most users. It’s better to pay an extra 5-7 thousand rubles now than to change the iPhone in a year not out of a desire to buy a new model, but because of lack of space. Of course, there are those for whom even 512 GB is not enough, but such buyers most often know exactly their needs and initially aim at buying expensive configurations.

How to clear cache on iPhone

If you are faced with an acute out of memory on iphone due to the fact that you unsuccessfully saved money, then first of all check how much space is occupied by which applications. For example, if not limit cache in telegram, then the messenger can grow to incredible volumes. That is why, first of all, it is worth cleaning such applications from garbage. To delete cache in telegram on iphonenecessary:

  • Open Telegram and go to settings.
  • Select the “Data and memory” section.
  • Go to “Memory Usage”.
  • In the “iPhone storage” block, click on the “Clear Telegram cache” button.

I recommend here to limit the maximum cache size to a value that is convenient for you. Then the messenger will not uncontrollably eat away precious memory. Such cleaning is not available in all applications. For example, the client of the social network VKontakte or Sberbank Online support it, but the conditional Yandex Market does not. To clear the cache in such programs, they will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Just make sure you check before deleting app in App Store. Otherwise, you won’t be able to return it without extra headaches. But if you suddenly deleted such a program, you can use our instructions on how to install it back.

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