How much RAM will the iPhone 14 have?


The amount of RAM iPhone 14 will grow for the first time in several years. The increase in RAM will affect all smartphones of the updated line – both older and basic. True, in their case, there will still be a gap in favor of top models, which will have a little more RAM. The upcoming increase in RAM is most likely needed not to improve the multitasking mode, but to expand the functionality new iPhones. The key feature that requires this is the new improved camera.

The increase in RAM declared by insiders should be 2 GB. Thus the volume iPhone 14 RAM and 14 Max will be 6 GB, while iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will be 8 GB. If this information is confirmed, it will turn out that Apple has come close in this indicator to smartphones running Android. Because the standard volume rams for flagships in 2022 – it’s not even 12 GB, but still 8.

iPhone 14 camera

They say that an additional couple of gigabytes of RAM was needed because of the new camera that the iPhone 14 will receive. Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, as well as several other eminent insiders, assure that we are talking about 48 MP main module. It is not yet clear whether they will give additional RAM only for the needs of the camera or whether it will be used optionally.

However, given the increased resolution and focus on augmented reality, which in itself is a rather resource-intensive technology, the use of its own RAM for camera doesn’t look weird. After all, then the camera will not knock out other applications running in the background, thereby allowing you to maintain a balance of work processes without distortions in one direction or another.

iPhone 14 camera, in question, can get a periscope design. Its use will allow you to place the module itself not horizontally, as usual, but vertically. Due to this, it will be possible to increase the number of lenses in the system, increase the volume of the matrix itself, making it more aperture, improve optical zoom without changing the thickness of the smartphone itself.

It is not yet clear how deep new iPhone camera will be integrated with augmented reality. Still, everything that we were offered before was implemented only in so far as. However, this year, according to rumors, Apple plans to release an augmented reality headset, so it would be nice to pull up smartphones as well. Obviously they will, and we will certainly get new scripts. using the camera in AR.

Augmented Reality in iOS

What could it be? Yes, anything. Take at least advanced AR mode for Apple Maps. It would be very convenient if Apple maps learned not only to guide the user along the route, indicating the direction of movement with an arrow, but also to determine his location by the surrounding infrastructure facilities. It is clear that this requires something more than just a camera with increased resolution. However, the neural networks that will obviously be involved in this may require a little more RAM to work.

Interestingly, it is most likely that integration is to be surprised. iPhone 14 cameras with augmented reality. Because the periscope design itself is by no means a new invention, which is used with varying degrees of success by some smartphone manufacturers. So there is no doubt that the matter is clearly not limited to the AR mode in Apple Maps alone.

Of course, for this case it will be necessary to allocate not only RAM, but also a certain processor resource. With performance, however, there should be no problems. Newest chip A16 Bionic, which Apple plans to equip the iPhone 14, promises to be even faster and more economical than its predecessor. Rumor has it that Cupertino intends to switch to a more advanced – 4-nanometer – process technology for the production of processors. So the power reserve of the new “stone” is clearly enough.

Why is RAM needed?

According to Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of, the practice of allocating RAM only for the needs of the camera or any other component simply does not exist on the smartphone market. This is true for both iOS and Android. That’s why additional 2 GB of RAMthat shine iPhone 14 will be used for general needs. That is, it can be used by the camera, and other applications and processes.

It turns out that in this situation everyone wins. And those who stood up for improving the photographic abilities of the iPhone, and those who do not pay much attention to the camera. Because the extra RAM will be able to please everyone at once.

Interestingly, 2.5 years ago there were the same rumors, but only about the iPhone 11. Experts said that new iphone cameras turned out to be so demanding on resources that they needed (by the way, the same ones) 2 GB of RAM. True, as it turned out later, no additional RAM bars were installed in the iPhone 11, and all new modes, including night and Deep Fusion, worked using the main amount of memory.

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