How much is the new iPhone SE 3


Apple finally held the first presentation in 2022. Along with the new iPhone SE, the company also introduced the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max in green, as well as the new iPad Air 5, the Studio Display and the new Mac Studio. By the way, the iPhone SE turned out to be exactly the same in appearance and differs little from the version two years ago. True, in Russia it is not worth waiting for it yet. I suggest looking at prices for the new iPhone SEthe amount of memory, and also estimate how much it would cost in Russia and whether it should be expected in our country.

When will the iPhone SE 3 go on sale?

The new iPhone SE will be available for pre-order starting March 11 and will go on sale in the US on March 18 at the following prices:

  • iPhone SE 64 GB – $429;
  • iPhone SE 128 GB – $479;
  • iPhone SE 256GB – $579

Let me remind you that recently Apple made a decision temporarily suspend official sales in Russia. As a result, the iPhone SE 2020 disappeared from the official online store page. Accordingly, the iPhone SE 3 was also not in the Russian Apple Store. There are also no prices for it. journalist Ivan Kuznetsov has already calculated how much it would cost iPhone SE 3 in Russia66 690 rubles for the 64 GB version.

The smartphone will be presented in traditional colors: “dark night”, “shining star” and (PRODUCT) RED. It is also surprising that Apple did not increase the minimum storage capacity in iPhone SEas it was with the iPhone 13. The company left the previous configurations, including iPhone SE 3 with 64 GB storage.

The price of the iPhone SE 3 in Russia

Apple has suspended sales of its equipment in Russia for an indefinite period. This is due not only to sanctions, but also to the unstable exchange rate of the ruble. To some extent, this is the right decision: it is better to temporarily suspend sales of devices in the country than to revise the price daily.

In addition, the company did not completely leave our market, but only took a break: Russia is not the most profitable market, but there are many users of Apple services in the country, which are vital for the development of the company. By the way, not so long ago we found out how much Apple is losing from the suspension of sales – be sure to study our material and do not forget to subscribe to our Yandex.Zen.

How prices have changed for the iPhone SE 3

Against the backdrop of a shortage of chips, as well as an increase in purchase prices for TSMC processors, new iPhone SE became more expensive by 30 dollars. Let me remind you that earlier the cost of the iPhone SE 2020 was $399. At the same time, insiders from analysts did not come true and Apple discontinued iPhone SE 2020 – there is no longer a tab with this smartphone even in the company’s online store in the United States.

In general, the novelty lived up to expectations, but did not impress – it’s still the same powerful smartphone, but in the ancient iPhone 8 form factor. It’s a shame that it’s cheap iPhone SE has become more expensive unlike the iPhone 13. Of course, this does not depend on Apple, but the sediment is still present.

Impressions from the presentation, to put it mildly, are not the best. On the one hand, this is quite normal: at the spring event, the company rarely presents something radically new. On the other hand, against the background of sanctions, a jump in the exchange rate and the suspension of sales, no one needed the new iPhone SE, and without that low interest in the cheap iPhone turned out to be close to zero. In addition, there are reasons to believe that hardly anyone would want buy iPhone SE in the old design without radically new functions for almost 70 thousand rubles.

Did the new iPhone SE 3 live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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