How much does Apple equipment cost in Russia now and where is it profitable to buy it


Despite the critical rise in price of almost all equipment in general and Apple devices in particular, which the Russian market faced at the end of February, gradually everything began to roll back. First, the dollar exchange rate fell, and prices followed it. As a result, many gadgets have fallen in price so much that they cost almost less than before the crisis. And this despite the fact that the market is definitely waiting for a shortage, unless, of course, Apple decides to return and resume official deliveries. However, if you need to buy something here and now, you have a good opportunity to snatch the coveted gadget at the right price.

Let’s say right away: they returned to the pre-crisis level prices not all Apple devices. However, arguing that many of them have fallen in price is absolutely pointless. A number of gadgets have lost quite a lot in price during the strengthening of the ruble, but this mainly applies to non-deficient models. Because a number of devices remain available only in single copies due to pandemic supply disruptions, and it would be irrational to drain them for nothing. However, let’s get down to business.

Prices for Apple equipment in Russia

iPhone prices

iPad pricing

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Why prices have risen

As you can see, the price range is really quite serious. A number of devices do not seem to have fallen in price at all. For example, AirPods Max and all iPad models. They don’t seem to be cheap at all. Unless the iPad Air lost a little in price, but it also went up in February by almost 35. Tablets and were previously in short supply, which is why distributors could not fill Russian retail with them.

Therefore, retail chains decided to follow the law of supply and demand and earn a little more on a scarce product than it could officially cost. The situation is further aggravated by the lack of control on the part of Apple, which can no longer exert any influence on retailers and dictate its terms of trade in branded equipment to them.

But with the iPhone, things are going pretty well. It’s obvious that shortage of Apple smartphones in Russia not expected. It is hard to believe that the assortment can only be maintained at the expense of warehouse stocks purchased in February. It is highly likely that deliveries continue, and at prices corresponding to the current dollar exchange rate. Therefore, retailers are not shy cut prices. After all, no one would certainly trade at a loss, would they?

Therefore the same iPhone XR, which at the peak of the rise in price was sold for more than 60 thousand rubles, today it has confidently dropped below 40 thousand. Of course, you need to consider that it is far from a new smartphone. But at Apple, even frankly old models have never been very cheap. And the 39,990 rubles that they ask for in Eldorado (so far only there is such a low price) is a very good offer. Especially if you use installments.

How to buy an iPhone in installments

Since it is difficult for most to shell out the full amount for new iPhone immediately, it is better to use installments. By default, Aliexpress does not have this option. However, if you use a free credit card from Tinkoff Bank, you can split the payment for 3 months. Yes, it’s not six months, let alone a year. Therefore, if you want the installment plan to be longer, it is best to buy equipment in retail chains.

For example, now M.Video and Eldorado have begun to actively return the real installment plan for many of their products. If a month ago, customers were offered credit for 10 months with a fixed rate of 10%, now this is a real installment plan without overpayment. That is, you can buy yourself a new device and pay absolutely nothing for using bank money. True, in order to take advantage of the installment plan, you need to buy in addition accessories or services for 10% of the cost of the goods.

Alternative way to pay Halva installment cardwhich can be obtained from this link. When paying for the serviceHalva.Ten» for 199 rubles (you can apply once, and then turn it off, having received an installment plan) you can buy in installments any product in popular retail chains that are partners of Sovcombank (Eldorado, Svyaznoy, MTS, M.Video and others) for a period of 10 months with zero overpayment.

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