How MagSafe works, iPhone 8 battery and disabling fast charging in iPhone

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How MagSafe works

Many who use MagSafe have noticed that the smartphone starts to heat up quickly, especially if it is used while charging. If you appreciate this method of charging, then do not use the phone in the process – this leads to unnecessary heat. During operation of a wirelessly charged smartphone, wear and tear due to increased temperature will invariably occur, so the “maximum capacity” percentages of the battery will disappear a little faster. If you bought a smartphone for 1-2 years, then you should not think about it. But if you want to use it as long as possible, it is better to charge your iPhone with a cable.

Is it possible to roll back to iOS 14

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. Apple promptly stops “rollback” to previous versions. So, if you have iOS 15.2, then feel free to use this version. iOS 15.3.1 has already been released the other day, and a lot of interesting features have been discovered in the iOS 15.4 beta version. In general, iOS 15 turned out to be of high quality and there are very few reasons to complain about it.

How long does an iPhone 8 battery last?

The battery capacity in the iPhone 8 is 1821 mAh, the same as in the iPhone SE 2020. But the battery in the iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh. At the same time, the iPhone SE 2020 has the most energy-efficient processor. On its website, Apple indicates that all three smartphones can work up to 40 hours of music listening and up to 13 hours of video playback.

Of course, the data is approximate and much depends on the user’s habits. I think that the SE 2020 will have a possible advantage in autonomy, but it is insignificant. The battery capacity of all three smartphones is extremely low in 2020.

iPhone battery problems

Previously, this message appeared due to the fact that Apple blocked repairs in unofficial service centers, which is why a similar problem arose. If your iPhone experienced such a problem after a fall, then iOS is not able to determine the battery status precisely because of the fall. We recommend that you contact the service center to solve this problem.

What version is the iPhone 6 updated to?

Unfortunately, iPhone 6 does not support iOS 13. The Sberbank application works just on this version of the operating system. The smartphone is morally obsolete and it is probably not worth continuing to use it. Don’t know what to upgrade to? We have a separate article where we chose, which iPhone to buy in 2022.

How to turn off fast charging on iPhone

The iPhone itself must support the fast charging function, and a special 20W adapter must be available. You can only turn off optimized charging: with it, the iPhone quickly charges up to 80%, and after that the charging speed decreases. Apple notes that this feature reduces battery wear. You can do it like this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Battery”.
  • Tap Battery Health and turn off the slider next to Optimized Charging.

Why does the AirPods cover wobble?

Unfortunately, many users complain that the cover is loose on AirPods Pro. The same with bulging seams. This is a design feature. This does not affect the performance of the headphones in any way, and therefore cannot be a warranty case. Just deal with it. As they say: not a bug but a feature.

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2022

Right now, the iPhone 11 is hot. But nothing lasts forever: when planning the future, it is important to take a more up-to-date model. The iPhone 12 is the coolest option right now. By the way, we even have material on this topic.

Download beautiful wallpapers for iPhone

Not so long ago journalist Artem Rakhmatullin talked about great wallpaper apps: in this article you can find free apps or with a subscription. These programs have different categories of wallpapers, so you will definitely find something cool. And if you like live wallpapers, then be sure to study our material about these applications: you can change not only the background image, but also ringtones with application icons.

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