How iPhone SE 2022 differs from iPhone SE 2020


Apple’s spring presentation is over – we finally saw the long-awaited update of the iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5. As expected, the new iPhone did not arouse great interest among our readers, although it became a little better than its predecessor. Anyway, while it looks like Apple has re-released the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE 3 has a few nice touches. I propose to consider both smartphones and compare them to fix important changes.

iPhone SE 2022 camera

Buyers around the world appreciate the iPhone SE 2020 for the totality of all the features, especially highlighting the camera. Yes, she doesn’t take any amazing pictures, she just is. And this is enough for those for whom the camera in a smartphone is not the main thing. It’s still the same 12 megapixels. Apple solved this problem at no extra cost: iPhone SE 2022 will be able to attract a lot more people thanks to deep fusion technologywhich is in the iPhone 13. It makes pictures noticeably better, increasing the detail.

In fact, Apple pumped neural networks. Now iPhone SE 2022 camera with Deep Fusion turned on, it will take eight shots at once with different exposure values, and the A15 Bionic processor will instantly process them and leave two. Further, thanks to the Neural Engine, they will be combined into one photo of the highest quality. So, the iPhone SE 2022 camera is capable of a lot. In addition, the iPhone SE 2022 camera has optical stabilization – Apple forgot to mention this at the presentation. Also in iPhone SE 3 added photo styleswhich are on the iPhone 13 and Smart HDR 4.

Apple has not forgotten about the front camera: it is the same 7 megapixel lens we know, which received Smart HDR, photographic styles and the aforementioned Deep Fusion. It is also important to say that iPhone SE 3 front camera can now write slow-mo video in 1080 with a frequency of 120 frames per second – another cool feature inherited from the flagship state employees.

What the iPhone SE 2022 looks like

New iPhone SE does not differ in size and external parameters from the iPhone SE 2020. This is both bad and good. On the one hand, in this way Apple saves on the production of new components, on the other hand, you can still use accessories from the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020. Perhaps not everyone knows about it, but iPhone SE 3 just got lighter iPhone SE 2020 by 4 grams. This happened, probably due to the thinner and more modern protective glass Gorilla Glass.

Apple introduced the green iPhone 13 Pro, but forgot to update the color scheme of the iPhone SE 2022 (or did not want to?). On sale there will be colors familiar to us, but with other shades: “dark night” instead of black and “shining star” instead of white. Red (PRODUCT)RED remained unchanged.

iPhone SE 2022 display

Screen in iPhone SE 3 remained the same – the same Retina HD with a diagonal of 4.7 inches. Insiders assumed that the new iPhone SE will increase in size and become similar to the Plus version. Unfortunately, this did not happen – we were again presented with the same compact iPhone: Same maximum brightness (625 nits), same pixel density (326).

Specifications of the iPhone SE 2022

The novelty received the freshest A15 Bionic chip. The strange thing is that the company did not compare the iPhone SE 3 with its predecessor, but turned to the iPhone 8. The performance of the processor, graphics core, and the number of operations performed have increased. Most likely, the power of the A15 in the iPhone SE was cut again, as it was with A13 Bionic in iPhone SE 2020 – everything to make the smartphone work as long as possible. By the way, Apple mentioned this in passing: the iPhone SE 3 received increased autonomy.

One of the main features of the novelty is 5G module, which makes a smartphone with an outdated design quite modern. For example, FaceTime will work in HD when connected to 5G networks, not just Wi-Fi. It is believed that it is because of 5G that he added in price. True, this is an investment in the future: in many countries, including Russia, this communication format is not yet available.

Differences between iPhone SE 2022 and SE 2020

Apart from camera software upgrades, a new chip, and probably more RAM iPhone SE 2022 began to work longer: in comparison of models on the Apple website, you can see that the new product is able to work for as much as two hours more when watching a video (15 hours versus 13) and for 10 hours when listening to music. Most likely, this was achieved programmatically, because if the battery capacity were increased, the smartphone would gain weight and size, as was the case with the iPhone 13 mini.

How much is the iPhone SE 2022

If the price of the iPhone 13 line has remained the same, and smartphones have received twice as much internal memory, then everything is different with the iPhone SE 3: the model with 64 GB on board was left on sale, which has risen in price by $ 30. Readers of our Telegram chat have already said that the more expensive iPhone SE 2022 is definitely not worth the money.

  • iPhone SE 64 GB – $429;
  • iPhone SE 128 GB – $479;
  • iPhone SE 256GB – $579

According to the current exchange rate, the smartphone has definitely ceased to be a budget one: to be precise, in the current economic environment, the iPhone SE 2022 would cost almost 67 thousand rubles for the 64 GB version. This is one of the reasons why no one is waiting for him in Russia.

In fact, Apple still did not leave the iPhone SE 2020 on sale, and the budget smartphone has risen in price in general for everyone. Let me remind you that the pre-order for it starts on March 11, and sales will begin on March 18.

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