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iPhone 12

Apple’s autumn presentation is over – we saw the long-awaited iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Judging by the feedback from our readers, this is not quite what everyone expected to see. In any case, the iPhone 13 mini has become much better than its predecessor. However, the new iPhone models have received some nice updates. I propose to fix them by comparing them with last year’s devices.

Why iPhone 13 is good

Customers love the iPhone for its great camera. The iPhone 13 has changed the location of the modules on the rear panel. Now they are diagonal – due to this, you can easily distinguish the new model from the old one. Otherwise, the specifications remain the same: a 12-megapixel camera with a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens. iPhone 13 lenses are now announced to absorb 46% more light than iPhone 12.

Added the ability to blur the background or foreground when recording video – the “Cinema Effect” mode works when shooting in 1080p at 30 frames per second. And the iPhone 13 can shoot HDR video in Dolby Vision: 4K shooting is available at 60 frames per second instead of 30 for iPhone 12.

What the iPhone 13 looks like

The new iPhone 13 outwardly practically does not differ from the iPhone 12: the thickness and weight of the device have increased. The case has become thicker 0.25 mm (7.65 mm), and the weight has increased by 11g to 173g due to a more powerful battery.

The color scheme of the new devices has been redesigned: now instead of a black iPhone, a “dark night” smartphone will appear, and a white one has turned into a “shining star”. Also, instead of a green iPhone, a pink one appeared – hello, glamor from 2008.

iPhone 13 display

The screen in the new iPhone 13 remains the same: 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR with a resolution of 2532 * 1170 pixels. The “bangs” that have become annoying to everyone with the Face ID module have changed: now it has become smaller in width, but has increased in height. Is it good? You need to evaluate the smartphone live.

What we like the most: Apple said it increased the brightness of the display, going from 625 cd/m² to 800 cd/m². This means that on a sunny day you can make out what is on the smartphone screen. Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 remained without display 120 Hz – if you want a new feature, then buy an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max.

iPhone 13 specs

Apple has traditionally built a fresh chip into the latest iPhone 13: now it is A15 Bionic, which is made on a 5-nanometer process technology. At the presentation, the company refused to compare it with the previous generation, making an attack on competitors: performance increased by 50%, and the graphics core became 30% more powerful. Perhaps this is enough.

The increased battery life also adds to the joy: now the iPhone 13 will last 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12. I think this is due not only to the increased battery, but also to the energy-efficient A15 Bionic.

By the way, iPhone 13 introduced the ability to use two eSIM cards at once – the iPhone has never been as functional as it is today!

How iPhone 13 mini differs from iPhone 12 mini

Apple has not forgotten about the iPhone 13 mini either: it received the A15 Bionic, the same bright display as the iPhone 13. The dimensions remained practically unchanged: the iPhone 13 mini became heavier by 7 g (now 140 g) and thicker by 0.25 mm (7.65 mm). Most of all, potential buyers of the compact iPhone were waiting for an increase in the autonomy of the smartphone: Apple announced that now it will live 1.5 hours longer – this is a success!

The color scheme of the iPhone 13 mini is fully consistent with the base iPhone 13. Unfortunately, a special color, which was purple, did not appear. We will wait for unusual solutions from Apple, which we will definitely tell you about in our Yandex.Zen.

How much does the iPhone 13 cost

Surprisingly, the prices for new items correspond to last year’s. This is surprising, because the base amount of memory has increased: in the new iPhones it is 128 GB. In addition, you can purchase smartphones with 256 GB and 512 GB – especially memory-demanding readers of our Telegram chat can be satisfied.

  • iPhone 13 128 GB – 79,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 256 GB – 89,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 512 GB – 109,990 rubles

Is it worth it to pay extra for a new smartphone? I think not, because there are not so many innovations, and the prices for the iPhone 12 have already fallen: the 64 GB model now costs 64,990 rubles. If you try, you can find a smartphone even cheaper.

A completely different matter is the purchase of the iPhone 13 mini. If before you did not know whether to buy a compact iPhone, now there should be no doubt.

  • iPhone 13 mini 128 GB — 69,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 mini 256 GB – 79,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 mini 512 GB – 99,990 rubles

In addition, last year’s version of the iPhone 12 mini has noticeably fallen in price – now Apple’s recommended price for a model with 64 GB is 54,990 rubles. Perhaps, for a more acceptable price, it is worth looking at it.

Let me remind you that the pre-order for the iPhone 13 starts on September 22, and sales will begin on September 24. Are you ready to upgrade your smartphone?

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