How I ruined my iPhone battery and how I could save on repairs


Long years of use of technology do not pass without a trace. We get so used to it that we literally try to do everything with it. If earlier we wrote notes on a piece of paper, now this is done in a special application. If earlier we called and discussed all the cases at once, now we are constantly in touch in instant messengers. You can continue for a long time, but all this is the reason for the heavy load on gadgets and, above all, on smartphones. And in them, batteries are the first to suffer. We ourselves do not notice how this happens, and sometimes we add problems to them. I also ruined my phone’s battery and had to deal with problems with it. Here’s how it was.

Phone battery replacement

The story revolved around the old, but still relevant iPhone 11. It’s good that Apple smartphones last a long time and slowly become obsolete, but this doesn’t make it any easier when you realize that the battery will still live less than the phone itself. But its replacement is a whole process. You have to go somewhere, open the case, and I would also like straight hands to do this, and not those that grow from somewhere below.

In keeping with the editorial tradition, I turned to our friends at Apple Pro, who often help us write technical articles. Now they have a discount for repairs, but I hurried with the repair and did not use it (more on that below). However, you can choose any other service, the main thing is that it has been working for a long time, has real positive reviews and does not claim that it can make any repairs on site. This is a blatant deception, and we have already talked about this.

iPhone restarts by itself

It so happened that I did not use this phone for quite some time. At one time, I changed it to a new one after it started rebooting by itself and the battery health varied from 80 to 85%. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is at this stage that the battery may not be able to cope with the peak voltage at some points in the phone’s operation and cut off the power. As a result, the phone either reboots or simply turns off and turns on only after connecting the power wire. However, its charge remains relatively large.

This is familiar to many from winter operation. When in the cold, the phone turns off and turns on only when it warms up or when you connect a wire to it. This is a separate story and we will definitely talk about it closer to winter.

So here it is! My phone started to turn off and I really didn’t like it for the very reason that we are used to technology and don’t like it when it works the way we don’t like it. That being said, shutdown wasn’t the biggest problem. It happened once every one and a half to two weeks and you could live with it. What was more unpleasant was that the phone simply did not work very well. I decided that it was wear and tear, did not start repairing, chose a new phone for myself, and just put this one in a box until better times.

What happened to the battery

And now I decided to get it, but the smartphone began to work even worse. Perhaps it seems so against the backdrop of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with its long battery life, but further proceedings showed that it did not seem to me. So I decided to replace the battery. I will say right away that it cost me 4990 rubles, although now promo code “Charge!” this can be done for 3990 rubles. The promotion gives a discount of 1000 rubles for replacing the battery of any iPhone from 5S to 11 Pro bax, but its duration is limited. It also applies to other models. You could buy an iPhone battery for 2990 rubles and change it yourself, but I decided to trust the professionals. And later I did not regret that I did just that – there was a reason for that.

The Apple Pro guys first asked me how I charged the phone. I did it like everyone else. I used the original charger only at home, and then only when I was sitting at the computer, since I had it on my desk. In other cases, I used anything. External batteries of different quality, wires of different dubiousness, chargers that I took from friends, and even those that are installed in public places, such as a waiting area in a car dealership.

The phone dies quickly, but the battery is new

As it turned out, this was one of the important reasons for the rapid consumption of energy. The power controller failed, which did not reset the voltage when the phone screen was locked. That is, the energy simply went nowhere. Because of this, by the way, the battery itself suffered. He sat down faster, I charged him more often and he worked out his resource on this, and not on real use.

According to Apple Pro experts, every second user comes with such a problem, who complains about the rapid discharge of the battery. Therefore, you should not just change the battery “at the metro”. Not only will they install something that is not clear to you, but it can also help this for a very short time. As a result, you will change the battery again and again. It is easier to immediately check all the components and eliminate the cause, rather than endlessly cover up the consequence.

How to properly store your battery

But not only this was my problem with the phone. The second reason for the weak resource was also related to my actions. Although it would be more correct to say that with inaction.

The fact is that any lithium-ion battery (these are in all smartphones) does not tolerate a low discharge. You can charge it at any time, but constantly maintaining not 100% is not very useful for him, and values ​​\u200b\u200baround zero are completely destructive.

In my case, I put the phone away without charging it. I heard that you can’t do this, but somehow I missed this moment. As a result, for about a year he simply languished with zero percent. In fact, after this, the phone may not turn on at all, so I was still lucky.

These two reasons led to the fact that I had to pay money to replace the battery. As Apple Pro told me, I could save money just by following simple rules. Firstly, charge the phone only with high-quality or completely original accessories. Buying a pair of these is cheaper than changing the battery. Secondly, when you put the phone away for storage, you need to take it out from time to time and make sure that the battery has a charge in the region of 50-70%. So it won’t degrade.

Where is the best place to change the iPhone battery

And one more piece of advice. If your phone dies quickly, even if it is not new, do not rush to just change the battery. In just a month or two, the problem will most likely return. It is better to go to good craftsmen you trust and check the condition of the power controller. Just do not do it at those whose counters are located between pavilions in shopping centers. For such work, you need to have rather bulky equipment, which you also need to be able to use. Yes, and applications will not be able to check this – only physical measurements. Go to the masters, not to the “masters”, it will definitely be better. And with discount using the promo code “Charge!”which is still valid, it will be possible to do it cheaper by 1000 rubles for models from iPhone 5S to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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