How does SBPay work and can it replace Apple Pay in Russia? Checked personally


Despite the fact that the Central Bank promised us that from April 1, all Russian banks will be required to start support SBPey, in fact this did not happen. No, of course, more than 60 credit institutions have joined the service, but there were no backbone among them. That is, clients of Tinkoff Bank, Alfa Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Rosselkhozbank, Otkritie, etc. use it. can not. However, the loss, frankly speaking, is small, because SBPey restrictions many may simply not be satisfied.

We’ve already figured out what is SBP, in every detail. It’s interesting, so be sure to read it. But, in a nutshell, this is a payment service based on the technology of payment not by NFC, as is the case with Apple Pay, but by QR. You just scan the QR code with the details of the store and the amount sewn in there, select the bank account from which you want to make the payment, and confirm it. In general, it is convenient, but there are a number of unpleasant moments.

Differences between SBPey and Apple Pay

  • In addition to payment technology, SBPay is different from Apple Pay because it does not require maps. It is linked to the user’s bank account and debits money immediately from it. This makes it much easier to use.
  • SBPey An internet connection is required to make a payment, unlike Apple Pay. If there is no connection to the network, you will not only not be able to pay for the purchase, but you will not even be able to open payment service applicationto scan the QR code.
  • SBPay does not support other payment services, except banking. That is, you will not be able to link your account in Qiwi or YuMoney to it. Perhaps their support will be added later, as well as Sberbank and Tinkoff supportbut so far such conversations are not even conducted.
  • SBPay does not allow the use of credit cards. This is a very significant drawback, because many people preferred to pay using Apple Pay with credit cards, and then pay off the debt at the end of the month, receiving interest on the balance of their own funds lying on the debit card.
  • When paying via SBPay, you will not receive cashback. At all. Not a ruble. Not a percentage. The fact is that all transactions made using this service are carried out as bank transfers directly to the details. And if so, then there is nothing to charge cashback for.

Discounts when paying for SBP

I don’t know about you, but for me the last two points are critical. For example, on my credit card I receive cashback at a rate of 2% for each purchase. SBPey allows you to use only debit accounts, but even in this case, there will be no cashback.

No, of course, when paying for purchases using SBPey, you get a discount on the total amount of the check in most stores, whether online or offline, that support this service. But the problem is that not all retail chains support SBPey, and the discount is only 1%. And for credit cards and special offers, the return can reach 2%, and even 5%.

Where does it come from discount when paying by sbpay, ask? It is applied immediately at the time of payment. If the amount of the check is 500 rubles, then only 495 rubles will be automatically debited from your account. This is due to the fact that servicing transfers through the Fast Payment System costs less for stores.

Unlike payment with MasterCard or Visa cards, which charge approximately 2-2.3% for their processing, SBPey payments cost them no more than 0.7%. Thus, stores give you a discount and do not lose anything.

How to pay with iPhone in Russia

Now let’s recap.

For today SBPey and Fast Payment System (they are not exactly the same) are the only alternative to Apple Pay in Russia. Since at one time the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation did not have enough strength to put pressure on Apple and force it to open access to NFC in the iPhone for Mir Pay, today we do not have access to any contactless payment service, unlike Android users. So, if you forgot your bank card or cash, you can actually pay with SBPey for the purchase in a non-cash way.

However, in this case, you will need to have your own funds in the account, because SBPy does not accept credit cards, and also be prepared for the lack of cashback. In some stores, the return is offset by a 1% discount provided, so for those who do not like to accumulate points, this may even be a better option. But, whatever one may say, you can forget about special offers and increased cashback with SBPey.

Well, unfortunately pay via sbpay it is not possible everywhere. Surely by the summer, if Apple Pay does not return, more stores will be connected to the payment service, but so far this is not even every second one. For example, SBPey is accepted in the Red and White network, but not yet in such networks as Magnit, Lenta and Pyaterochka. Respectively, use sbpay on iphone as a full-fledged substitute for Apple Pay in Russia is not yet possible.

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