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The AirPods Pro 2 just went on sale and have already received some pretty rave reviews. It turned out that the sound quality has really grown a lot compared to the previous generation, which came out as much as three years ago. Against their background, the new generation of AirPods 3, released a year ago, was rather undeservedly forgotten – but in vain! Some readers of our Telegram chat are interested in the question: how AirPods Pro differ from AirPods 3? Despite the external similarity, there is a difference – it also manifests itself in the price. Let’s try to figure it out How are AirPods different? and which ones to choose in 2022 so as not to throw money away.

Design AirPods

Yes, AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 3 are like two drops of water. They really look alike, except AirPods 3 don’t have ear pads – due to them, Apple headphones really sit better in the ears. From my experience I can say that they can really fall out, but as with AirPods 2, you need to try very hard. For example, while running on the track or during functional training, they often have to be corrected.

Otherwise, both headphones are made in the same style: when someone sees AirPods 3 in their ears, it is easy to confuse them with AirPods Pro. In fact, AirPods Pro 2 differ in size (45.2*60.6*21.7mm vs. 46.4*54.4*21.38mm) plus a significant difference in weight (50.8g vs. 37.91g), so consider this factor when purchasing.

Please note that the earbuds have completely different control: AirPods 3 unexpectedly added the time-tested pressure control from AirPods Pro 1st generation, while AirPods Pro 2, on the contrary, returned touch control – now you can even control the volume! But both methods are quite convenient, so it cannot be said that some headphones are better than others because of this.

Differences between AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 3

All the most interesting is inside. Therefore, when choosing new headphones, pay attention to the presence of certain AirPods functions – the new Proshki have much more of them. It is worth noting that both headphones support Spatial Audio, and also have the ability to set up personalized spatial audio in iOS 16.

  • The headphones have different chips: H1 for AirPods 3 and H2 for AirPods Pro 2. Due to fresh hardware, the 2022 Pro version produces cool noise reduction and muffles noisy sounds in transparency mode – read more about this here. Adaptive transparency is rumored to be coming to iOS 16.1 for the 1st generation AirPods Pro.
  • AirPods Pro 2 has U1 chip for accurate headphone detectionbut it does not work in Russia.
  • The new “Proshki” have ventilation system for pressure equalization and the Conversation Boost system – a microphone amplification system during a call.
  • AirPods Pro 2 installed Bluetooth 5.3due to which the headphones consume less energy, and the sound delay in games is almost imperceptible.
  • The charging cases are similar, but the AirPods Pro 2 has a slightly larger and heavier case. Both headphones have support for Lightning cable charging, MagSafe and wireless Qi charging, but AirPods Pro 2 added Apple Watch charging support.
  • The AirPods Pro 2 case has headphone detection speaker, and it also makes a sound when opened, which cannot be turned off. In addition, there is a strap loop that is rumored to be used for the U1 chip.

Even though the new AirPods Pro were released this year, autonomy AirPods Pro 2 approached the performance of AirPods 3: now the new “Proshki” can work up to 6 hours on a single charge instead of 4.5 hours, and the case will add another 30 hours when recharging against 24 hours in the old generation.

Which AirPods to choose in 2022

I have no doubt that noise cancellation in AirPods Pro 2 will become the benchmark in its class. In general, the headphones turned out really cool and the three-year wait was worth it. But in Russia, you will have to pay a rather large amount for them: they are already being sold on Yandex.Market for 24-25 thousand rubles, in chain stores – about 27 thousand rubles. Gray sellers offer them for 22 thousand on average. In my opinion, you need to wait until the price drops at least below 20 thousand rubles.

Against their background, the price of AirPods 3 looks ridiculous: they can be found for 12 thousand rubles. Ideal for everyday use, for talking on the phone, if you do not want to overpay extra for stuffing. A good choice for every day at a low price.

Which AirPods are you planning to get? Share your opinion in the comments!

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