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One of the most anticipated gadgets at the Apple presentation was definitely the updated AirPods Pro 2 headphones: there was a lot of debate in our editorial office whether this gadget would be released in September or whether the Cupertinos would leave it until next time. However, lucky: many users were disappointed in the first generation of AirPods Pro, but the second is clearly supposed to be even better. Personally, I and my colleagues were pleased changes in AirPods Pro 2: However, not everyone understood how AirPods Pro 2 differ from AirPods Pro. Let’s figure it out.

What’s New in AirPods Pro

Long before Apple’s presentation, a lot of different insiders about the new headphones appeared on the network: some of them were so bold that they predicted the appearance of AirPods purely in the form of plugs, without the traditional leg. Other rumors suggested that heart rate sensors would appear in the firmware – something from the realm of fantasy.

As a result, AirPods outwardly remained the same, whether you like it or not, and instead of heart rate sensors, they added the creation of their own sound profile using True Depth on iPhone – this option will allow you to better customize the sound to the user’s preferences.

Apple listened to users and updated the navigation: now instead of tapping a pin, you need to swipe up or down to increase the volume! This feature will not surprise anyone – volume control Even inexpensive headphones with Ali have them, but AirPods clearly lacked this.

Differences between AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro

If it seems to you that the new AirPods Pro are no different from the old ones, then you are greatly mistaken – the most important innovations, as expected, are inside. There are really a lot of improvements here.

  • Chip H2 instead of H1, which not only made the headphones faster, but also increased energy efficiency: now they work 6 hours on a single charge instead of 4.5.
  • According to Apple, AirPods Pro sound better: This was achieved using updated audio drivers.
  • Noise cancellation is even better: it now passes half as much noise as the previous generation. In addition, in the adapted transparency mode, harmful noises are cut off and, conversely, other ambient sounds remain, such as human voices.
  • We didn’t forget about the set of headphones: now it contains 4 pairs of ear pads — appeared size XS for small ears!
  • By the way, The new AirPods Pro just got a little lighter: 5.3 grams instead of 5.4 in the previous generation. The difference is not very noticeable, but you will feel it when using it. However, the firmware is still heavier than AirPods 3, which weigh only 4.28.
  • became heavier and charging case with MagSafe: added a speaker, a strap connector and an improved battery (24 hours vs. 30 hours). So, now it weighs almost 51 grams instead of 45. But the dimensions are the same, so you can safely use the case from the previous generation.

Apple never mentions any details like the amount of RAM or battery capacity, so you have to find out everything on your own. So, the module is installed in AirPods Pro 2 Bluetooth 5.3 instead of 5.0, which means improved sound, low power consumption, fast pairing, and almost imperceptible audio latency. Certainly this is the most important chip AirPods Pro 2!

Should I buy AirPods Pro 2

Headphones AirPods is one of those gadgets that we use every day. Accordingly, it should be comfortable and not fail at the right time: we are, of course, talking about durability. As you remember, AirPods Pro had a factory defect in the form of cod and not the most reliable batteries. There is no information about this yet, but there is no doubt that these and other annoying bugs will be fixed in the AirPods Pro 2. In the end, the headphones became a little lighter, and they added another pair of ear pads to the kit!

Plus, the AirPods Pro 2 are made perfect for workouts: I’ve mentioned many times that they fit perfectly in your ears, but the foot-tapping controls aren’t quite as comfortable as touch-based navigation. By the way, it will become much easier to find your headphones: I know many cases when my friends lost them and could not find them using the Latitude, but now it will help built-in AirPods Pro 2 case speaker – the search process will become much easier!

AirPods Pro 2 will be available for pre-order from September 9, and from September 23 will go on sale worldwide. In American retail, they will cost $ 249, and in Russia they will cost 26 990 rubles on pre-order from MTS. The conditions, by the way, are very tempting: cashback, money back, 12-month warranty. But if you wait, then soon new firmware will appear on serovars, probably at a more adequate price.

Tell us in the comments if you liked AirPods Pro 2? Will you update?

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