Here’s what I think of the new iMac 24 after spending a day with it


I have been using Mac computers for a long time. It so happened that for a long time at my house just lay a 2009 MacBook Air bought for my hard-earned money. Somehow I was not drawn to use it, and I already wanted to sell it, but then I got an iMac of 2011 at work and I no longer had a choice of what to use. About a week later, I simply could not imagine life without a Mac and used only it. It’s amazing that for all my love of the iPad and iPhone, it took me so long to love the Mac. Why am I? Oh yes, now I have new red-pink iMac 24 and I analyzed it from the height of my experience in 10 years of owning six of my Apple computers alone, not counting review ones. A day later, I realized what kind of car it was and how it should be used.

Packaging of the new iMac 24 color

When I heard that getting a computer out of the box is a whole process, I treated it as an exaggeration. But it turned out that this was not the case, and the work really turned out to be difficult. First you need to understand how the box opens, then open it. At that moment, my computer turned upside down and everything went wrong somehow.

But I quickly figured out what was what, and placed the box in the right way. And, apparently, the way it was intended by Apple designers. Here everything went much faster. Pulling the parts of the box with the arrows to the sides, it opened up, as if saying: “Here, take this value!”. No wonder Steve Jobs said that packaging is part of the product and extracting a new product from it should be a pleasure.

Initially, the box seemed heavy to me, but it turned out that this is all the weight of the cardboard from which it consists – the computer itself is very light. But it was wrapped in some kind of cloth, there was a “Hello” sticker on the screen, and the rest of the case was covered with a film. I have never seen such a thorough approach to packaging. Only if in exclusive products.

So many words about the box were said for a reason. She is truly amazing. Especially against the background of what was before in my previous iMac. But let’s move on to the computer itself.

2021 iMac First Impressions

In this article, I will not try to talk about what the computer offers opportunities, because it simply does not make sense. It is necessary to thoroughly check everything, run it through all use cases, identify all the shortcomings, and only then share the experience of use. Do not believe those who do it after 2 hours of using the gadget. The characteristics have already been listed in the presentation.

That first impression of the new iMac is just fantastic! It’s much thinner than it looks. in pictures and on frames from the presentation. Just so you know, the iPhone and iPad are certainly thinner than the new iMac, but the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard on it is already a couple of millimeters thicker.

New color iMac thickness

I can’t say that I was embarrassed by the thickness of the old iMac, which had narrowed edges, so I don’t understand why it was necessary to make it so thin now, but the dimensions of the case are amazing.

True, I could get rid of the bottom frame, in which all the hardware is located, make the computer a little thicker and, perhaps, enlarge the screen. But in this case, the computer would look like a regular monitor and would lose its uniqueness. Therefore, as is, it will also do.

I got red-pink iMac. The back wall matches the style of the room in which the computer is located, and the front wall – pink – ceases to catch the eye as soon as you start doing something. In my case, work.

Is the new iMac 24 stable?

Despite the minimum weight, the computer is very stable on the table and does not even think about swinging. At the same time, I was worried that it would not be possible to tilt it with one hand, but it is possible. If you pull the case sharply, then the stand comes off a little from the surface of the table, but if you do it smoothly, then everything goes fine and you don’t have to hold on to anything.

iMac Color Power Supply 2021

Many criticized the new computer’s power system. Those dissatisfied with this decision said that now it is necessary to hide the remote unit somewhere, but this is not a big problem. The wire from the computer to the unit is quite long (and beautiful), but to the outlet, on the contrary, short. So you can place it next to the power source and not pull a thick power cord onto the table. And you can also plug Ethernet into it and get rid of one more wire.

What connectors are in the new iMac 2021

The connector on the back is magnetic. Given Apple’s love for such technologies, it would be illogical to suggest otherwise. Many said that it must be moved before it magnetizes normally, but I did it the first time. I tried repeatedly. I remember how in the old iMac you had to pass the wire through the hole in the leg, then force it into the connector, and it was at the level of the screen, and when holding the case, you always rested on the screen with your finger, leaving an unpleasant imprint on it or on the apple under it . Now everything has become much easier.

I have not yet had time to check the convenience of using the connectors on the rear wall, but it is already clear that in order to connect a memory card, you will need to buy an adapter. However, most likely, very convenient splitters will appear in the near future, in which there will be everything at once.

Also included is Lightning cable in braided skin. The color of the braid is chosen to match the color of the computer itself. This one must be protected, because it will not be possible to buy it. At least for now.

Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad

Painted in the color of the hull and manipulators. The included keyboard, mouse and trackpad are great for a new computer. True, it is also not yet clear whether it will be possible to buy an accessory of the same color in case of breakage or loss. So far, there is no such possibility.

Instead, the new keyboard has a fingerprint scanner that can be assigned to each member of the family or office, and he will get his own secure corner inside the new iMac.

Everyone chooses what to use – a mouse or a trackpad – but I advise the second option. This is something that Apple knows how to do perfectly. And it doesn’t matter where it is installed, in a MacBook or it’s a wireless controller for an iMac – it is always beautiful!

What screen does the iMac 24 have

New iMac screen against the backdrop of the previous generation model looks fantastic. It is huge and very colorful. When you start, you are immediately greeted by a screensaver of a specially selected color that matches the color of the case. And the size seems so big not only because of the extra couple of inches, but also because of the lack of massive black frames.

What the new color iMac 24 sounds like

iMac sound has always been pretty good, but with each model it gets even better. This time it became such that I just didn’t want to turn on the portable speaker that I had next to my workplace. Of course, serious speakers will sound better, but for normal use, the built-in 6 speakers are more than enough.

Results of the first acquaintance with the new iMac 2021

Summing up the intermediate result of my first acquaintance with the new iMac, I can say that I was almost 100% satisfied with it. The M1 chip ensures fast performance, and the small body looks great even if you just put your iMac on your nightstand to watch a movie. It really is such a big iPad that you can take with you, moving from room to room.

The sound of the new computer is just fantastic, and the decision to get rid of excess wires seems a little unusual, but interesting. The only thing I missed was the built-in wireless charging stand. That would really be a chic addition to the whole structure. It’s strange that Apple hasn’t done anything of the sort, given that all iPhones of recent years can charge wirelessly.

Naturally, I will continue to use the new iMac 24, test its capabilities in Photoshop, Final Cut and other programs, and at the same time see if there are any compatibility issues with the M1 chip and popular applications. Bye Rozetta solved all problemsbut an extra check wouldn’t hurt.

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