Going to buy iPhone 14 Plus instead of iPhone 12. It’s perfect


than I always liked the iPhone, so this is because, regardless of the model, it was not a shame to pull them out in public. I mean, even if you’re still using an iPhone X or XS that’s now in its fifth year, it’s almost indistinguishable from newer models from the outside. Therefore, until recently, I did not even think about changing my iPhone 12. Well, what? I don’t feel a lack of speed, his camera shoots no worse than two years ago, and I didn’t have much desire to change, in fact, I didn’t have a sew on the soap. But the iPhone 14 Plus made me change my mind.

Should I buy an iPhone 12 in 2022

Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 does an excellent job, I have at least 3 complaints about it:

Screen. No matter how colorful and responsive it may be, but a diagonal of 6.1 inches, as it turned out, is definitely not enough for me. Perhaps myopia played, but most likely the reason was my love of large workspaces. After the iPad Air, the iPhone seemed somehow small and even uncomfortable to me. The brightness of the display can also be added to the disadvantages. The iPhone 12 has 625 nits, which seems to be a lot, but on the street – even in not the most sunny weather – you want more. 800 nits like the iPhone 14 Plus is also not ideal, but still better.

Battery. From the first day that the iPhone 12 came to me, it was clear to me that this was not an autonomy record holder. Despite the enthusiastic reviews of the owners, the operating time of this model without recharging did not suit me either then, or even more so now, when the remaining battery capacity has become less. The iPhone 12 is no match for the Android smartphones I’ve had the pleasure of using that last up to twice as long. The battery of the iPhone 14 Plus is the most powerful in the entire line, so it will last longer than the iPhone 12.

RAM. Despite the fact that Apple never names the amount of RAM in the iPhone, we all know that iPhone 12 has 4 GB of RAM. They say that for iOS it’s not bad and even good. But in fact, I personally do not have enough of it. I regularly encounter Safari crashes when launching the camera and vice versa, as well as the inability of my smartphone to keep more than 5-6 small applications in memory at the same time. The additional 2 GB of RAM on the iPhone 14 Plus will definitely smooth out this negative.

The price of the iPhone 14 Plus in Russia

Logically, if I want a bigger display and battery, then I have only two options: iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus. Moreover, if you want something new, it would probably be more correct to take the “promax”, because the “plus” looks the same as before, and the hardware is almost the same as my iPhone 12. But in fact, everything is not so simple.

For me personally, the key The downside of the iPhone 14 Pro Max the price has become high. Especially if you take a version of at least 256 GB, because less is definitely not enough for me. For it on Yandex Market they ask for at least 120 thousand rubles. This is the minimum price, because in M.Video and Eldorado the prices are of a completely different order, but so that the difference does not look so big, we will focus on the offers of serous trucks as a standard.

Yes, the iPhone 14 Plus will also be expensive at launch. For example, retailers promise that they will ask 90-95 thousand rubles for it. But, as the experience of the basic iPhone 14 has shown, the price of the new product, due to its compromise, is likely to fall in a couple of weeks, and quite significantly. I guess before November iPhone 14 Plus price in Russia drop plus or minus to 70k.

iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max has a minimum of advantages over the iPhone 14 Plus. Well, let’s be honest:

  • New design, of course, cool. But, firstly, this is just a change in the appearance of the notch in the screen, while the rest of the case remained unchanged. And, secondly, from a practical point of view, this does not give anything at all.
  • Processor A16 Bionic only 8-13% more powerful than its predecessor. So basically there is no difference. And since the iPhone 14 Plus has the top A15 Bionic modification with 5 graphics cores, there will definitely be no performance problems.
  • iPhone 14 Plus is almost 40 grams lighterthan the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This advantage seems to be far-fetched. But, when you start using a smartphone, you understand that 200 grams and 240 is a big difference.

Let’s be honest: iPhone 14 Pro Max is a great device with a top camera and a number of unique features that the iPhone 14 Plus does not have. But since my photographic maximum is to take a portrait photo or a shot in night mode, jumping over my head to buy a device with features that I will not use is not my option.

Some will probably say that it would be better to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has exactly the same hardware as the iPhone 14 Plus, but with a 120 Hz display and an excellent triple camera with lidar. But here, too, everything depends on the price. Because even on the Yandex Market, the 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max costs at best 85 thousand rubles without the prospect of further reduction in price, while the iPhone 14 Plus – I have little doubt of this – will become cheaper almost immediately. And, if you take the version only with eSIM, you can save even more.

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