eSIM of Russian operators does not work on iPhone 14. Can I throw away a new smartphone?


Despite the fact that the iPhone 14 has not yet appeared on the shelves of major Russian electronics stores, pre-orders of the smartphone are being accepted, and some users managed to get the novelty by going on a short trip, for example, to the UAE. In a word, the first owners among the Russians already exist, and they have their first problems. The main one is that eSIM fails to load on iPhone 14 Russian operators, which is why many people simply remain without communication and access to the full functionality of a smartphone. We understand how widespread the problem is, and how it can be solved.

eSIM in Russia

eSIM is not a new, but very convenient technology that allows you to use communication services without installing a physical SIM card. The principle of its operation is based on the fact that the corresponding chip is already integrated into the smartphone, and the user only has to switch to eSIM in your carrier’s app.

Take advantage today virtual SIM card customers of the following Russian mobile operators can:

  • Megaphone;
  • MTS;
  • Tele2;
  • beeline;
  • Tinkoff Mobile;
  • SberMobile.

Thus, almost every user can refuse a physical SIM card. mobile communications in Russiasince all major operators support this technology, and it remains only to click on one button in the MTS, MegaFon or Tele2 application.

How to connect an eSIM

To set up eSIM on iPhoneyou need to activate the corresponding option in the application settings of your operator, following the instructions below:

  1. Launch your carrier app.
  2. Select “Apply for eSIM” from the list of services.
  3. Click the Download eSIM button.
  4. In the “Cellular” section of the iPhone settings, select the new number as an additional one.

iOS 16 has a feature eSIM transfer. So if you decide buy iPhone 14then the first time you turn it on in the Set up Cellular Data step, you can click the Transfer from iPhone Nearby button.

The transfer can only be completed if your previous iPhone also runs on iOS 16. In addition, this operation is blocked by some mobile operators, and only the option of activation via a QR code remains, after deleting the tariff on the previous device. This step can be skipped by simply enabling the option through the operator application

iPhone 14 in Russia

So what happened in Russia, and why users from our country massively complain about the impossibility eSIM add-ons your operator? First, it is worth recalling that at the beginning of 2022, Apple stopped deliveries of new devices to our country. That is, officially iPhone 14 to Russia is not supplied, and all available models are imported from other countries. According to sources, the first batches come to us from:

  • USA;
  • UAE;
  • Japan.

As you already know, everyone iPhone 14 from USA do not have a physical tray for SIM-cards, which is even reported by large electronics stores, through which it is proposed to pre-order.

In this regard, the Russian owners American iPhone 14 started complaining about eSIM activation issues through a QR code and an operator application. When scanning, the message “eSIM activation failed” appears on the screen, and this happens with the keys of all Russian operators, with the exception of Tele2 and virtual operators using its infrastructure (Tinkoff Mobile and SberMobile).

Really on the iPhone 14 in Russia will not be work eSIM, and those who bought a smartphone without a physical tray will be cut off from the outside world due to lack of access to mobile services? In fact, the situation is not so critical. As a source from the big three Russian operators told the Durov Code portal, the problem is of a software nature and will be resolved in 2 days. That is, already September 21 eSIM activation should earn.

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, has his own forecasts. His sources report that all the troubles will be settled today – September 20.

eSIM not working on iPhone 14 – what to do

The optimal solution to the problem, strange as it may seem, is time. The point is that problems with eSIM activation on iPhone 14 arose due to the lack of official deliveries of Apple smartphones to Russia. In the old days, our operators received new Apple iPhones a few weeks before the presentation itself for immediate adjustment. Valentin Petukhov (Wylsacom) speaks about this, in particular, advising not to worry and just wait.

However, there is a small chance that the eSIM will never work, so you will need to go to Tele2 with your number:

  1. Open the application page.
  2. Specify the number to transfer, the full name of the owner and select a tariff. Also check the box next to “eSIM”.
  3. Follow the further instructions that will come in the form of a response SMS message.

What to do next? If you succeeded change operator while keeping the numbersimply activate eSIM through the application “My Tele2”. We talked about how to do this in this material, but more detailed information is presented here.

In any case, do not make hasty decisions. Wait a few days, and perhaps the activation will work. Already on the morning of September 20, positive news from Beeline customers began to arrive. They report successful eSIM activation during iPhone setup.

If you own an iPhone 14, write in the comments what market your smartphone is for, what carrier you use, and whether you managed to set up an eSIM.

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