Do you need an iPhone 14? Apple will overwhelm users with millions of iPhone 13 Pro


Despite the fact that many scold Apple for the lack of innovation in their smartphones, sales say otherwise. In a few days, the company will again report to investors about its success, and Tim Cook will definitely mention how cool the iPhone 13 Pro was in terms of sales. Probably, Apple itself did not initially believe in such a success, but the fact remains that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are selling like hot cakes no matter what. We tell you what Apple plans to do with it.

Sales of iPhones in Russia

To understand how successful the iPhone 13 turned out to be, you need to remember how it all began. When less than a month passed after the release of the new iPhone, Russian retailers had already set a record – they purchased about 93 thousand iPhones in the country, which is almost twice as much as the previous version of the iPhone 12 (about 57 thousand) at the start of sales. Even the iPhone 11 and iPhone 7 were not met as hotly as the current model – users purchased 67 thousand devices in the first week. Of all the iPhone 13s sold, Pro versions made up the majority, and only after them were the regular iPhone 13 and 13 mini in popularity.

It is also worth noting that, contrary to the advice of experts, the iPhone 13 Pro turned out to be quite a profitable investment: after Apple announced the suspension of deliveries to Russia, another surge was recorded. But here many have already thought that against the backdrop of a sharp jump in exchange rates, there is an opportunity to make good money. My friend bought a 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro for 99,000 rubles in early March and sold it profitably for 115,000 at the very peak of the crisis. By the way, now the price has slowly gone down: the proshka has already returned to its price of 99 thousand rubles.

iPhones are out of stock

Despite the fact that many have given up on buying a new iPhone in the current situation, their sales in the world are still high. Because of this, the company increased its order volume by as much as 10 million units in the second quarter. Experts believe that this will have a positive effect on the average price when selling the iPhone 13 Pro and on revenue figures. The bulk of the increased order comes from the iPhone 13 Pro – in the first quarter of the year, the company ordered only 1 million pieces, in the second – as much as 8 million. iPhone 13 Pro Max production will almost double – from 3.5 million units to 6.5.

What does sales growth mean? Firstly, that users began to invest in more expensive models with a larger screen and an improved camera. Secondly, many liked the legendary autonomy iPhone 13: It’s worth remembering how the iPhone 13 Pro Max does Samsung’s latest in performance tests. Also, even the iOS 15.4.1 curve does not affect the autonomy of the smartphone – it still produces amazing autonomy numbers. By the way, not only Apple will earn on the additional 10 million orders: Samsung and LG will also replenish their budget through the production of displays and cameras, respectively.

Which iPhone is better to take

At the moment, the volume of new smartphones suggests that there will be enough for everyone. It is likely that Russia will get something if Apple decides to returnbut that’s just an opinion. However, it is logical that after the presentation, the company will most likely discontinue the iPhone 13 Pro Max so that it does not interfere with the sales of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. True, the new iPhone is unlikely to be revolutionary. The regular versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will get the renamed A15 Bionic chip, while the performance of the Pro versions is unlikely to skyrocket. The camera will improve, but you should not expect cardinal changes.

It is also worth noting that the company did not increase order for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini: after all, an improved version of a compact smartphone did not appeal to buyers. Basically forget about it. When will the iPhone 14 Max be released? with big screen. Actually, there is no reason to abandon the iPhone 13 Pro and wait for the iPhone 14: the smartphone will not be revolutionary, and buying last year’s version is always a good investment.

Many are wondering if it makes sense to buy the iPhone 13 Pro or stop at the iPhone 13? Look: the firmware has support for 120 Hz in applications, and even the processor is different – the iPhone 13 has 4 cores, the iPhone 13 Pro has as many as 5. By the way, the difference is noticeable: you will especially appreciate it after a few years. iPhone 13 Pro will be relevant even after 3-4 years and will cope with tasks without any problems. The filling of the camera is also important: the Pro version has a telephoto lens, LiDAR and a six-fold zoom.

Share your impressions in the comments: why is the iPhone 13 Pro so good that it is still in high demand?

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