Do not be surprised. It became known how the iPhone 14 will look like


The design of the new iPhones — is quite controversial. On the one hand, Apple smartphones have always looked very recognizable. Even if you don’t see the apple logo, in most cases, at least in front, even at the back, you can recognize the iPhone in them. But, on the other hand, no significant changes in their design have occurred for many years. If the shape of the case was still undergoing some changes, then the front panel with a notch for Face ID has not changed for the fifth year. Or rather, it hasn’t changed. Because, apparently, some changes are planned in Cupertino.

Apparently this is true. iPhone 14 will finally lose bangs, which he has been unable to get rid of since 2017. This was independently reported by several trustworthy sources at once: Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who answers with the reputation of the publication, Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities, who generates reports for investors and has access to Apple suppliers, as well as an insider @dylandkt, which has repeatedly confirmed the high level of awareness about everything related to the new products of the company from Cupertino that have not yet been released.

What will be the iPhone 14

If this information is true, starting this year new iPhones will be released in an updated design that will at least touch the front panel. Now, instead of the characteristic visor, to which we are already accustomed, iPhone 14 screen only a capsule-shaped island-type notch will break.

That is, it will not be a round neckline like all modern Android smartphones. Still, Face ID takes up more space than a regular front camera, and they are not going to refuse it. Therefore, Apple made a strong-willed decision to further reduce the dimensions of facial recognition sensors and embed them under the screen.

Sounds cool. After all, many used to worry that Apple might abandon Face ID in favor of Touch ID under the screen, just to get rid of the notch in the screen. And, given that now design in the company is not led by Jony Ive, but by other, less principled people, the likelihood that this will happen was quite high.

In the end, it was these people who brought back the old and already forgotten connectors in the MacBook Pro 2021, sacrificing the design. So why not bring back Touch ID, especially in a new guise. Moreover, this will make the screen of the new iPhones completely symmetrical and without flaws like notches, peaks and islands.

iPhone 14 design

However, not all new generation iPhone can get an island cutout for Face ID. According to @dylandkt, it is possible that the visor will still remain in the base models, and only Pro line devices will receive a new design for face recognition sensors. Here is what he himself says about this:

Is it good? Well, obviously, purely cosmetically, the change will be received extremely positively. Still, some kind of upgrade in design is an important milestone for all users. Especially since the island cutout will take up less space, which means it will leave more space free, allowing Apple to return all the important icons to the status menu.

On the other hand, we do not yet know exactly what dimensions this cutout will have. There is no doubt that it will be larger than what is shown in the renders. In the end, Apple will have to fit several sensors into this recess at once, which now occupy about two centimeters in length. Of course, it is possible that only the 3D camera will be visible, and the rest of the sensors will be placed under the matrix. But somehow I don’t believe in the success of this venture.

We already have before our eyes several examples when manufacturers tried to hide the camera under the screen. Nothing good came of this for two reasons. Firstly, such a camera is still visible, and if you don’t know what it is, you might think about a display defect. And, secondly, such cameras shoot much worse than usual ones. So why can’t the sensors that respond to facial scans have the same effect?

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