Do I need to buy a case for AirPods 3 and other models

AirPods 3

The world has long been divided into those who use covers and protective films, and those who are sure that the feelings are not the same with them. Representatives of these camps cannot convince each other. So, it remains for us to exchange opinions and prove our position, citing at least some arguments. Personally, I am one of the rare number of people who prefer to use devices without cases, but from time to time like to change the tactile sensations, and no, no, yes, put a case on their iPhone. I had a more negative attitude towards AirPods cases, but recently I understood the reason why they should be used. Moreover, several new cases from a brand that you are familiar with were very successfully delivered to our editorial office.

uBear Accessories

Cases, which will be discussed, are produced under the brand uBear. We have already talked about his accessories for iPhone, AirPods and even AirTag more than once. The model range of the brand is constantly increasing, and not only new models, but also new colors appear.

Not so long ago, Apple released a new generation of its headphones – AirPods 3. In a separate article, I shared my experience of using them, and now is the time to talk about the updated line of cases that have been released for these headphones. And there are real reasons to buy them.

It is important to note that the headphones received a good box. uBear has always done well with the packaging, which indicates a serious attitude towards their product. This time we were not let down again. Such a box, as I usually say, is a pleasure to buy for yourself, and it is not a shame to give as a gift.

Do I need to buy an AirPods case?

As an argument against buying cases for AirPods, one can cite the fact that they do not have a screen and other elements that may be damaged during operation. But there are many more reasons to buy a case. For example, in a case, the sense of security of an expensive gadget is higher, and uBear models are half the price of competitors.

For example, not so long ago I encountered the fact that my snow-white AirPods Pro at one point became pale blue. This was due to the fact that I put them in the pocket of new jeans and for some reason they were dyed. After a while, the raid began to descend, but still not completely. It looks like it will stay forever.

Also covers will not be superfluous, if you have several of these headphones at home. Not so long ago, I was faced with the fact that you go to the bedside table near the front door, take the keys, reach for the headphones and do not know which ones to take. It’s really a problem when there are two identical AirPods in the family. I used to guess that such difficulties can be encountered, but I myself have never found myself in such situations.

And now in the house all the AirPods are placed in their cases. Even the AirPods Pro, which I don’t use yet to get into the third generation, are packaged in a matching uBear model. And they are all specially selected different color.

Why are uBear cases good?

The main advantage of original uBear cases is that they are very pleasant to the touch. They have soft-touch coating, but at the same time it is moderately slippery. In other models, I was often very annoyed by the fact that they cannot be put into a pocket normally in one movement and just as easily pulled out without pulling the lining behind them. And thanks to the absence of a jumper between the two parts of the case, it becomes even more compact, streamlined and does not cling to anything.

All new covers consist of two parts, although for the “fans of the genre” in the brand’s lineup there are also models with a jumper between the top and bottom. In both cases, the size of the case, if it increases, is very insignificant, which means that it is comfortable to use such accessories.

The new generation of AirPods cases is called Touch Pro for a reason. They received a thicker body (1.5 mm) than the regular Touch (0.8 mm). However, they are now made of polycarbonate. That is, they protect not only from scratches, but also from quite strong blows.

How the case sits on AirPods

On the AirPods case All covers are very tight.. This is possible thanks to the anti-slip inner coating. In order for them to ideally repeat all the structural elements, you need to straighten them once at the very beginning before the first use, and then the cover will not even think of moving anywhere – it has been verified by a two-week experience of use.

Is it possible to charge the earbuds in the case

The design of the case does not interfere with the charging of the headphones. The cutout for the wire is quite large and will allow you to choose even third-party accessories, and the thickness is not so great as to prevent wireless charging. There is even a special place near the case, where the plastic is a little thinner, so that the charging indicator can be clearly seen. I will only add that the new AirPods 3 will not be magnetized to MagSafe. It is unlikely that for someone this is the main function of the novelty, but it is worth bearing in mind.

Buying a case for AirPods is no longer unusual. Previously, we only had cheap Chinese crafts that were not of high quality, but now we have several full-fledged branded options from different brands. uBear solutions have proven time and time again that they can be considered an excellent alternative to original Apple accessories. Cupertino does not release cases for AirPods, but if they were, I have no doubt that they would turn out to be about the same as uBear, but they would only cost twice as much.

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