Cool accessories for iPhone under 100 rubles

iPhone 12

We love inexpensive smartphone accessories. Especially when their price does not exceed 100 rubles. This is what we have focused on, choosing the most beautiful and practical. It’s time to expand your user experience by spending ridiculous money. In our new selection you will find not only cases for iPhone and AirPods, but also various gadgets that will help you use your smartphone in a new way every day. Get your money – we start spending!

Durable colored case

There are not many cases. The main feature of AliExpress is that sellers can find anything even for the most ridiculous money. For example, such a case for your iPhone. For 97 rubles you get high-quality accessory material and good protection against falls. Available for all iPhones and even iPhone 13!

Price: 97 rubles

Buy a colored case

Very strange case

It seems that the times when unusual covers caused bewilderment are long gone. If you were embarrassed to wear this before, then it’s time to buy a cool accessory for your iPhone. I am sure he will delight you day after day. Please note that you need to select the iPhone model, the color of the accessory and the desired print.

Price: 97 rubles

Crazy iPhone Case

Camera Protective Film

Love to carry your iPhone without a case? It’s okay, we do it too. But if the smartphone itself can be scratched, and this will not affect its operation in any way, then the camera block is sacred. It’s better not to joke with this – this protective film is needed for this. It is better to buy it for mere pennies than to receive low-quality pictures later! The seller has protection for all iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Price: 55 rubles

Protect iPhone Camera

Marble Case for AirPods

It’s never too late to put on a protective case for your AirPods. I agree, you always need some interesting, but not conspicuous option. How about this? It looks unobtrusive and is inexpensive. I confess, I myself ordered one for my AirPods 2.

Price: 97 rubles

Buy a case for AirPods

Case for EarPods

Many of my friends still use wired Earpods, and I understand them. Unfortunately, headphones tend to get confused while they are in your pocket. To avoid this, it is better to purchase such a case for storing them. And they will not get confused, and animals will not gnaw.

Price: 55 rubles

How not to lose your headphones

Convenient cover for iPhone camera

Stop wasting scotch tape and other sticky stickers to keep hackers out of your camera! There is a solution in the style of Sony Ericsson K750 – the cover is installed on the front camera, and if necessary, moves away. No more fear of surveillance!

Price: 65 rubles

Camera covers

Stand for iPhone

I’m sure we all sooner or later start watching TV shows or YouTube while eating. This is very bad, but what can you do? In order not to lean your iPhone anywhere, buy such a stand. In the comments, buyers say that even an iPad can be installed on it. Don’t forget to choose the color of the accessory.

Price: up to 100 rubles

Stand for iPhone

iPhone lens kit

Do you like to take pictures, but the standard camera is no longer fun? Try out the lens kit to upgrade your user experience! There are at least two reasons for not delaying the purchase: firstly, it diversifies your pictures. Second, suitable for all iPhone. Double profit!

Price: 98 rubles

Lens set

Cool case with a pocket

Apple has reinvented the magnetic credit card pocket. Looks weird, but expensive. There is no need to go far when there is a convenient case with a pocket in which you can place bank cards or a travel card. The main thing is the price. Get it before the price goes up! We have cases for all iPhones and even iPhone 13!

Price: up to 100 rubles

Pouch with pocket

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