Can you use an iPhone with a broken screen?


The most common reasons for contacting a service center for iphone repair This is a battery and screen replacement. If everything is clear with the replacement of the battery. They change it already in the case when it simply does not work to move away from the outlet with the iPhone. That broken screen in some cases can not be changed. The smartphone works and responds to all the actions you need. And some distortions of the picture fade into the background.

Unfortunately, in recent years it has become much more difficult to produce screen replacement due to shortage of components. In a separate article, we talked about this in more detail. In this regard, let’s see if it is possible to use iPhone with broken screen.

Screen replacement for iPhone – price

All modern iPhones in their design resemble a sandwich. In the middle there is an aluminum or steel frame, to which the filling is fixed, and all this is covered with glass above and below. On the one hand – the screen, on the other – the back, under which there is a wireless charging coil. The appearance of such devices is certainly different. But no matter how you reinforce the glass on both sides of the smartphone, breaking it is still easier than damaging the aluminum case, as in the old ones. iPhone 66S and 7.

That is why the problem broken glass on iphonebeginning with iPhone 8, applies not only to the screen, but also to the rear panel. Subject to prices, for example, replace broken screen on iPhone 13 in an authorized service center it costs 36 thousand rubles, and the back panel costs 41.5 thousand rubles, many people have a question: is it possible to operate a smartphone with such damage.

No one forbids you to continue using your iPhone, even with cracks on the glass. But during operation, you may encounter several problems. The first and most important thing you should be aware of is water protection issues. If there are cracks on any of the glasses, no one can guarantee the tightness of the structure, and water ingress can be fatal. Not only is your smartphone already damaged by some of the glasses, but there may also be problems with internal components due to moisture.

If, if available, iPhone screen cracks, he has not lost his ability to work and normally responds to all commands, then do not rush to rejoice too much. It is not clear which of the internal components could have been damaged in the fall. At any time, you may stop responding to touch, either one piece of the display or the whole. The saddest thing is if this happens at a time when the smartphone or the information stored on it will be very necessary for you, and you will not be able to view it or send it somewhere.

Rear window replacement – iPhone

It may turn out that there will be no problems with the touch, and you will continue to use your device in the same mode as before the damage. At the same time, cracks on the screen affect the quality of the image that you see in front of you. Often they affect the color rendition. If you ever smashed the screen, you might encounter the fact that a rainbow is visible along the entire length of the crack against a light background. You can, of course, go to dark interface themebut not everyone is comfortable with it. And viewing content with such distortions is very inconvenient. Especially if these are some photographs in which colors are very important.

But the most common problems that arise during operation smartphone with broken glass, are the owner’s injury. If you do not take some care, then you can at least get a fairly deep cut at the site of damage, and as a maximum, you will have to get the shard from your finger. Of course, this moment directly depends on the nature of the damage. After all, for someone it is one crack, while for another it is a “rose” with sharp fragments. And if something happens to the finger – it’s not so bad. Since the iPhone is still a phone, a broken screen can scratch your face when talking or catch your hair. On the one hand, it seems that it’s okay, but it works. On the other hand, it’s very annoying.

Separately, it should be noted such a moment that if the rear panel is damaged, it may stop working. wireless charger. If you use just this method in a car or at home, then keep this in mind and the first thing to do is make sure it works. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, you can simply be left without communication due to the fact that your smartphone will be discharged to zero.

Summarizing all of the above, I can say for sure: if you broken glass on the back your iPhone, it is not necessary to run to the service and urgently change it. It is enough to hide the device in a case and stop using wireless charging. And there will be no problems. In the case of the screen, I sincerely advise you to replace it so as not to run into other problems. However, it should be borne in mind that all such damage affects moisture protection. If this parameter is important to you, then it is better to repair both the back panel and the screen.

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