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Rumors of imminent release new AirPods Pro have been walking for a long time. After all, the original model is about to turn three years old, so it’s logical to expect Apple to release a sequel. What will he be like? Well, judging by the length of the delay, something really cool was in store for us. Whatever they predicted for new headphones – from the appearance of support Lossless and proprietary wireless communication protocols to the function of measuring the user’s heart rate and body temperature. It is a pity that we will not see any of this with a high degree of probability.

According to Bloomberg, despite the almost three-year hiatus between AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2, the novelty will not receive either a built-in heart rate monitor or a thermometer. Moreover, as Mark Gurman, a columnist for the publication, assured, it’s generally not worth waiting for the headphones to be equipped with sensors of this kind in the near future, and this really makes sense.

What will be the AirPods Pro 2

In addition to new sensors, which most likely will not really appear in new AirPods Pro, they won’t get the new design either. Initially, it was claimed that Apple plans to abandon the stem in favor of an all-in-ear design, when the headphones are placed directly in the auricle and have almost no protruding elements. Allegedly, this was supposed to make them more comfortable for playing sports. But, apparently, the appearance of new items will hardly change.

the only information about the new AirPods Prothat we had before and which can be confirmed is equipping their charging case with a connector USB-C instead of Lightning. Despite the convenience of a proprietary connector, it is clear that Apple has made a firm decision to move to a more universal standard that all laptops and almost all of the company’s tablets support right now.

Is that all? Well, frankly, it’s unlikely. I highly doubt that Apple will just roll out the old ones to us. AirPods Pro with USB-C and will allow himself to call them new (although, if you remember about the iPhone 14, you understand that now everything is possible). There is no doubt that Cupertino will work on the sound, making it even better and more balanced, and, perhaps, they will even screw in deeper integration with the Locator service. How exactly is not clear.

Should you buy AirPods Pro in 2022

But one thing is clear: after AirPods Pro 2 release the original version will be removed from sale and it will be quite problematic to buy it. And since the novelty will almost certainly rise in price even in the USA, not to mention Russia, where electronics are imported by parallel imports and become 2-3 times more expensive, you can not count on buying headphones at an adequate price. Therefore, it is best to buy the first AirPods Pro right now.

Despite the fact that they are about to turn three years old, these are very cool headphones that have a lot of potential:

  • They sound great and support all the latest playback modes like Spatial Audio;
  • They support wireless charging (and the newest models – even MagSafe);
  • They have active noise cancellation and the “Transparency” mode, which will allow you to hear the world around you while listening to music;
  • They are live from charging for 4-5 hours depending on your usage patterns and active modes;
  • They are stylish and comfortable due to the anatomical shape, and their ear cushions amplify the sound and do not let in third-party noise;
  • Affordable price.

Affordable price is perhaps the key factor in favor of AirPods purchases right now. On Yandex Market, the cost of the original model starts from 16 thousand rubles. As for me, this is an excellent price, given that Apple does not officially import them to Russia today, and the new generation, which will tentatively be released this fall, will cost at best one and a half, or even two times more.

And this is provided that dollar exchange rate will stay at the current level, which is not a fact. After all, as we all could see, the ruble weakened against the US currency by about 15% in just a couple of days. Therefore, it is possible that the government will continue to depreciate the ruble for reasons known only to it. Therefore, I propose not to wait, but to get cool “ears” right now, while it is still possible.

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