Apple will pump the iPhone for the poor. What is known about the iPhone SE 4: design, screen, processor


In recent years, Apple has taught us that new SE devices come out every two years. This has been the case with the iPhone and is expected to continue this year with the Apple Watch. However, the first rumors about next generation iPhone SE. Apparently, Cupertino is unhappy with the sales statistics of its most affordable smartphone and wants to reverse the trend. It is actually very logical that buyers in 2022 are choosing more modern devices than the iPhone CE with a design that was introduced back in 2014 along with iPhone 6.

Yes, CE has a glass back panel, like in iPhone 8. But could it somehow seriously change the perception of the device? My opinion is no. In this regard, more and more information is emerging that fourth generation iPhone SE will look just like the iPhone XR. Let’s see what else is new in the iPhone SE.

What will be the iPhone SE 4

On the Geared Up podcast, insider Jon Prosser revealed that iPhone SE next generation “will be just a good old iPhone XR.” This means that finally the last Apple smartphone will lose the home button and an entire era will be gone. Plus, after that, all iPhones will have bezel-less front panel design and FaceID.

Given that the iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch screen, the new iPhone SE will get exactly the same diagonal. The question remains open on what technology the screen will be made: iPS or OLED. Taking into account the fact that the entire current line, with the exception of the iPhone CE, has been transferred to OLED screens, one would expect a similar solution for the new generation of CE. However, I personally think that Apple will stop at the IPS screens that have proven themselves well in the iPhone XR and 11.

The increased size of the smartphone will allow you to significantly increase the battery. Thanks to this, the device will be able to work on a single charge much longer than the current generation. Screen size and battery life are one of the main reasons why users prefer other devices over the current iPhone SE. Still, in 2022, releasing a smartphone with such frames around the screen is a bit strange.

But many fans of the size of the iPhone CE may not be happy with such changes. In 2016, at the time of the announcement of the very first iPhone SE, Apple claimed that this device is specifically for those who love small phones. Until now, Cupertino continues to support this philosophy. Smaller than iPhone SE, only iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini. However, their cost is much higher. But judging by the sales statistics, users still prefer smartphones with large screens than it can offer. current generation iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 4 Camera

It remains unclear which processor will receive the fourth generation of the most affordable iPhone. Typically, Apple installed its top-end processor at the time of release in such devices. However, the trend may change, because even the iPhone 14 this year will receive a slightly overclocked last year’s chipset. Most likely, more information about the chip will appear closer to the release of the new device.

In terms of cameras, the iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2022 share the same 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture and 7-megapixel f/2.2 front-facing cameras. It is unlikely that Apple will retain exactly the same cameras in the next generation of iPhone SE, but nothing can be ruled out completely. Let’s hope that there will be at least new processing algorithms and night modewhich was previously unavailable for low-cost iPhones.

If Apple replaces current generation iPhone SE smartphone based on the iPhone XR and can save the cost of $400, then the device will clearly become a hit. So that it does not eat away sales from other iPhones in Cupertino, its functionality will obviously be limited. One can only guess what the iPhone SE 4 will lose in pursuit of a balance between sales of different iPhone lines.

iPhone SE 2022 – price

If you are a fan of classic design iPhone SE with home button and large frames, then it’s time to take a closer look at the current generation of this device. Moreover, now it can be ordered on Joom at a very nice price of 25 thousand rubles. The main thing is not to look at devices imported by parallel import. Their prices do not reflect reality.

The main advantage of the iPhone SE 2022 is its processor. A15 is installed in the entire flagship iPhone 13 line and will remain relevant even after the release of the iPhone 14, which will also be equipped with it. This chip guarantees excellent performance and many years of support for new versions of the operating system.

However, not everything is so rosy. For a convenient size, I had to pay with battery life. And this is the main disadvantage of this device. You can ignore the outdated design and huge frames. But if a smartphone shows a maximum of 3-4 hours of screen on a single charge, this is a big pain. If in doubt, you can read the opinion of our author Ivan Gerasimov. In a separate article, he considered expediency of buying iPhone SE 2022 and which models are better to buy instead of it. If you are ready to put up with these disadvantages or just looking for a dialer, then the iPhone SE will be an excellent choice.

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