Apple will make the notch in the iPhone 14 Pro screen useful. To do this, you need to hide it.


iPhone screen notch under Face ID appeared along with the release of the iPhone X in the already distant 2017. As soon as they didn’t call him names then: a bang, a unibrow, just an eyebrow, and a bunch of different and not always censored expressions. But passions subsided, and it was this neckline that became the hallmark of all modern Apple smartphones, except for iPhone SE. In fact, he didn’t have to wait long for his turn. In this situation, the news that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use a completely different way of designing the front camera and Face ID has greatly excited fans of the company.

Now the camera will be located in a small round hole, like on Android smartphones, and the Face ID sensors will be nearby, through a small gap in the oval cutout. It turns out that the new “firmware” will receive, in fact, two cutouts in the screen. Many users wondered: how Apple will play with this in the interface. It seems that a week before the presentation, everything became known.

iPhone 14 Pro – screen

In order to disguise the space between the two cutouts for the camera and Face ID, Cupertino decided on a rather original step. At the system level, both holes will be merged with a single black space into one. Thus, users will be able to see a single pill-shaped notch on the screen of their iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. This leak was confirmed by one of the most reputable insiders Mark Gurman on his Twitter.

To be honest, in such a situation there are quite big doubts about the advisability of leaving the “bangs”. In fact, the new “pill” will be only slightly narrower in width and height than before. At the same time, as before, there will be no more usable area on the screen. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple even if it didn’t come up with a useful use for such a thing.

As you know, when using the camera and microphone, the operating system shows green or yellow above the signal strength of the cellular network privacy indicator, respectively. This lets users know for sure that an app on their smartphone is currently using the camera or microphone recording sound. Unfortunately, when using them at the same time, there is only enough free space in the status bar for display a green active camera icon.

It is under these indicators that it is planned to use the space between the two cutouts on the screen of new firmware. This will allow you to more accurately display what is currently being used. At the same time, it is planned to give users the opportunity to click on any of the indicators described and see which applications use the camera or microphone. Given that Apple is constantly fighting for privacy of user data and device security, this will add even more control over third-party programs.

Camera app – iPhone

According to the portal 9to5mac, in addition to adding indicators, Apple plans to redesign camera apps. Most of the controls are planned to be moved to the top of the screen due to the fact that the notch will become smaller in height and width. The flash activation and Live Photo buttons will be moved to the status bar, and photo and video settings will be placed directly below the pill. This will give users more screen space for the viewfinder and more accurate exposure.

All these software features have been tested by Apple and are planned for implementation in the new generation of their smartphones. However, keep in mind that all these are exclusively software innovations, and at any time their release may be postponed or canceled altogether. In particular, a 9to5mac source reports that the final decision on the redesign of the camera has not yet been made.

With the same success, Apple may refuse the location privacy indicators between cutouts on the screen. In such a situation, the space between them will simply be left black without any additional features. We will receive exact information next week, when it will be presented. new line of iPhone 14. Most likely, on the same day, Western journalists will be allowed to use new devices and test all possible chips.

In any case, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be a very serious upgrade for the entire iPhone lineup. A separate article was published on our website, what’s new in Apple smartphones. Let me remind you in two words:

  • Main camera with periscope.
  • always on display.
  • Increased battery capacity.
  • Fast charging support – 25-30W.
  • New design of the front panel without “eyebrow”.
  • New Apple A16 processor.

And this year, only Pro-series models will receive the new chipset. In general, the wait for new products is not long. This year we will see really new iPhones. Or maybe Apple will be able to surprise us with something else interesting.

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