Apple, what’s going on? Users of new iMacs complain about the crooked stand


IN iMac 2021 Apple for the first time decided on a radical design change (for the first time in almost 10 years), which was helped by the M1 chip. The monoblock has become thinner, more beautiful and has got a new stand. With which … not everything is as good as we would like. At least, according to one blogger and posts on Reddit from those whose iMac began to tilt to one side for no apparent reason. Does Apple really have some kind of jamb in production? Or the problem is just sucked from the finger?

iMac M1

Curved stand makes one corner of iMac taller than the other

Why iMac leans

One of the first to notice the problem was the iPhonedo blogger on his YouTube channel. According to him, some iMac M1 models, including his own, have a slightly curved stand, which causes the display to tilt more to the left or right. While the problem may not seem so obvious at first, it becomes extremely noticeable if you compare the iMac to other objects.

For example, the blogger measured both sides of the new iMac with a ruler from the table to the bottom edge. On one side, the ruler showed 7.6 centimeters between the bottom of the iMac and the table, while the distance on the other side was 8 centimeters. The difference of almost half a centimeter is actually not that big, and you are unlikely to notice it unless you attach a ruler, but for Apple this joint can become critical.

iMac 24

On the right corner, the height is 8 cm, not on the left – 7.6 cm

As noted by MacRumors, there are also similar complaints on the Apple support forum, as well as on Reddit. It’s unclear at this time if this issue only affected a limited number of iMacs or if it’s a widespread manufacturing defect. Apple has not yet acknowledged the problem and has not commented on this.

Can the appearance of a marriage be due to the fact that Apple has changed the manufacturing country for some iMac models? For example, on the stand of a purple iMac that iFixit dismantled, the country in which this particular instance was assembled was indicated. You can see it without opening the computer. It is assembled not in China, but in Thailand. The iMac has been assembled in California since the late 1990s, but over time, demand became so high, as did U.S. wages, that Apple localized production elsewhere. For years, iMacs were only assembled in mainland China. There was talk of organizing iMac assembly in Vietnam or India, but Thailand, as far as I remember, was not mentioned. All iMacs are made there, or only a part, is still unknown.

How to return an iMac to the store

If you recently purchased an iMac M1 and notice that its stand is bent, you can try returning your computer to Apple and request a refund. You also have the option to request a replacement through AppleCare Support if you purchased an extended warranty. We understand that there are not many iMac 2021 users among our readers, but if you have this computer, have you noticed a defect with its stand? Tell us in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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