Apple showed the same iPhone for the third year in a row. iPhone 14 is officially presented


Today, September 7, Apple introduced a new generation of its basic smartphones – the iPhone 14. As many insiders suggested, the new devices are practically no different from the previous generation. All the same flat edges bangs under Face ID and the diagonal arrangement of the main camera modules. This appearance has already become recognizable. And even from a distance, you can tell that you are using an iPhone 13. However, now no one can tell that you have the newest model. Compared to the iPhone 12, Apple has at least moved one camera to the side. There are no external changes here.

However, in addition to the design, the processor also remained old. Still the same Apple A15 Bionic, known to us from the iPhone 13 Pro. Compared to standard version of iPhone 13, of course, there will be a noticeable increase in performance, but will users be able to feel it? This is a big question. Let’s see together what’s new iPhone 14 with 6.1 screen inches and whether it is worth running after him to the store headlong.

iPhone 14 Specifications

Apple taught us that every year users receive new iPhones and may not think about their relevance until at least the next presentation. Something a little off this year. For the first time, the next generation of iPhones gets a processor from the previous one. Yes, this situation uses a chipset from the iPhone 13 Pro, which uses 5 GPU cores and 6 CPU cores, but it’s still last year’s chip.

One thing is for sure. Apple A15 processor performed well and stood the test of time. Therefore, the device turned out to be reliable and productive. The safety margin of the installed chipset will definitely be enough for you for three years of use. Given that the basic version of the iPhone 14 was predicted to increase the amount of RAM, its performance should have reached at least the level of the iPhone 13 Pro. And in the light of the lack of a high refresh rate of the screen, and at some points even surpass this level.

Battery life has increased. Given that the process technology of the processor has not changed, this is most likely due to improved software optimization. The screen received characteristics that completely coincide with the previous generation. Separately, it should be noted a function similar to the Apple Watch Series 8 for determining car accidents.

iPhone 14 first introduced the ability to send emergency messages using satellite communications. You can choose from the proposed situations and send a ready-made signal for help via satellite. This feature will only work in November and only in the US and Canada.

iPhone 14 – camera

Not only did the design of the basic version remain the same, the processor did not change, but the camera remained absolutely the same as in the previous generation. The minor only changed the pixel size. The main camera is 12 MP with f / 1.5 aperture and pixel size of 1.9 microns, super wide has not changed. Thanks to the Deep Fusion function, the pictures are clearer and brighter. And the camera itself began to work much faster. All this became possible thanks to new algorithms that even improved stabilization. Unfortunately, the novelty has not received any software improvements from the iPhone 13 Pro. No ProRes video recording, no Cinema Effect mode. Although the processor from the iPhone 13 Pro allowed this to be added.

It turns out that in Cupertino they decided to sell us, in fact, the same smartphone for the third year in a row. Even between Aion 12 and 13 there were significantly more changes. At least due to the changed location of the camera, and as a maximum – reduced bangs for Face ID. In such a situation, the “new” generation looks like a little mockery of users who expect innovations from Apple in the base smartphone.

iPhone 14 – price

There are five colors to choose from: red, white, black, blue, pink. Everything is the same as in previous years. Naturally, Apple changed some shades, but it’s still an easily recognizable appearance. But what future buyers are most interested in is its cost. The iPhone 14 will start at $799. Let me remind you that the iPhone 13 was also sold for $799. As you can see, the promised price hike didn’t make it to the base iPhone.

These smartphones will not be delivered to Russia by the manufacturer. They can only be brought in as part of parallel imports. It will be quite problematic to imagine the price in such a situation, but something tells me that it will be the same as on the iPhone 13 and will be about 80 thousand rubles.

In such a situation, one can only hope for the gray market. When the excitement subsides and it will be possible to buy new iPhones at a price close to the real exchange rate. Please note that all models for the US market do not have a SIM tray. eSIM only. Pre-orders for the new smartphones will open on September 9, and go on sale on September 16.

Should I buy an iPhone 14

Many will probably have a question: is it worth buying the iPhone 14? If you currently own an iPhone 12 or 13, then definitely not. The new smartphone is fundamentally no better than yours. Even their appearance is almost identical. If you use some older iPhone or iPhone SE in general, then you can think about buying.

Most importantly, do not get involved in the game of trying to purchase a device in the early days of the start of sales. At this time, the cost of new iPhones is not quite adequate. Wait until the first wave of applicants subsides. Prices will fall along with it. Then it will be possible to adequately look at the offer. But since Apple has not removed the iPhone 13 from sale, I would advise you to take a closer look at it. Almost the same processor, the same appearance and at the same time a lower price definitely tip the scales in its favor.

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