Apple refused to bring iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5 and other new products to Russia


Yesterday, March 8, Apple held its first presentation this year. The event was shown in the recording, keeping within just one hour. Despite this, the company managed to present 5 new products at once: a smartphone, a tablet, a processor (by the way, the most powerful on the market) and a completely new computer, which has never been in the Apple lineup, as well as an external monitor. All of the new items are great. The only pity is that they will not get to Russia. At least in the near future and officially.

The presentation lasted exactly one hour. In Cupertino, they did not extend the event, thanks to which the number of new products per unit of time literally rolled over. It’s a pity, not about our honor. because deliveries of Apple technology to the Russian market not expected.

What Apple unveiled on March 8

Although usually immediately after Apple presentations adds new products along with prices to its online store around the world, including Russia, this year the company made an exception. Not only did she not announce Russian prices for new items, but she did not even include them in the domestic segment of the site, as if there had been no presentation.

If you open the official Apple website and go to the section with smartphones, you will see that now there are only three tabs: iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and 13 mini, and iPhone 12. That’s it. Even the iPhone SE 2020 was removed, but they did not bother to add something in its place. Although who cares what is written on the site, if buy iPhone SE 2022 Or is something else not possible?

Despite the fact that Apple did not disclose Russian prices for iPhone SE 3 and other novelties, we know how the calculations are made, so we will be able to reproduce at least approximate figures as they will be when the company starts selling in Russia again. The essence of the technique is to convert the original price in dollars into rubles, and then add another 20% to it in the form of tax.

The price of the iPhone SE 3 in Russia

Thus we have the following rates:

  • iPhone SE 3 – 66,990 rubles
  • iPad Air 5 – 93,990 rubles
  • Mac Studio on M1 Max – 311,990 rubles
  • Mac Studio on M1 Ultra – 623,990 rubles
  • Studio Display – 249,990 rubles

It is clear that these are inaccurate prices. They have nothing to do with the Russian office of Apple. But given how the company has formed the price list in the past, we can assume that the final prices will be plus or minus close to what is presented above. And this is provided that Apple will return to the Russian market, but will not leave here with the ends. Because otherwise, the equipment will come to us from serovars, bypassing official deliveries, and then the prices may be even higher.

However, even with the current scenario new Apple are somehow too expensive. The same iPhone SE, which even by Russian standards has always been considered an affordable model, now does not look like it at all. After all, who would agree to pay 70 thousand rubles for a device that, although equipped with a powerful processor, is, in fact, an old model with a small screen, a single camera and – what a relic – a Home button.

The most annoying thing about this story is that even if Apple returns, prices will still not fall if the Russian currency itself does not fall to the level of 85-90 rubles per dollar. Perhaps Cupertino decided to wait out this period of turbulence for the time being, so as not to revise prices several times. It will be more convenient than rewriting prices every week, given the instability of the “forever wooden”.

But do not think that Apple itself does not suffer because of this. During the period of forced downtime in Russia, the company loses plus or minus $ 3 million daily. That’s roughly $1.1 billion a year. A considerable amount, given that in addition to money, Apple is also deprived of the possibility of growth. But the Russian smartphone market turned out to be very promising for it, because it grew by an average of 40% year on year, not to mention services that are also very popular here.

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