Apple officially cut prices for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 in Russia

iPhone 12

After the release of the new iPhone, Apple traditionally shakes up the already existing line of smartphones. Firstly, Cupertino is getting rid of a number of models that are either outdated or risk competing with new products. And, secondly, they reduce the price of those devices that still remain on sale. This year, everything happened in much the same way as in the past. True, the price reduction turned out to be even more significant than one might have expected.

iPhone 12 has fallen in price by as much as 15 thousand rubles

First of all, I recommend paying attention to how the assortment of the Apple Online Store has changed. Right after iPhone 13 presentations Three models disappeared from sale at once: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone XR. The company’s rejection of last year’s flagship models is obvious.

They differ too slightly from the new products, so it was irrational to leave them on sale. But no one particularly expected the disappearance of the iPhone XR. Many thought that Apple would keep it as an alternative to the iPhone SE with a larger screen and at a lower price.

New prices for iPhone 12 in Russia

iPhone 12 mini cost 70 thousand rubles, and now only 55

Traditionally, Apple reduces prices for last year’s iPhone for 100 US dollars. However, in Russia the company adheres to a slightly different pricing policy, so our reduction turned out to be more significant:

  • iPhone 12 mini: it was – 69,990 rubles, it became – 54,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12: it was – 79,990 rubles, it became – 64,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 11: it was – 54,990 rubles, it became – 49,990 rubles;
  • iPhone SE 2020: price remained unchanged.

As you can see, the price of both sub-flagship models in Russia fell not by 7-10 thousand rubles, as one might expect, but by 15 thousand at once. In any case, this is more than $ 100, by which smartphones fell in price in the States. Perhaps this is due to the fact that our price was initially slightly overpriced, since Apple calculated it at the rate of 1 dollar = 100 rubles.

Undoubtedly iPhone 12 price in the Apple branded online store is still quite high. You can buy an iPhone 12 for less than 58 thousand rubles from serovars that have not yet had time to reduce anything, and an iPhone 12 mini for 52 at all. However, the positive thing is the fact that the Russian office of Apple will reduce not only retail prices, but also purchasing. This means that in retail chains like M.Video and Eldorado they will be even lower.

Which iPhone to buy in 2021

In this scenario, it’s hard to say which iPhone is better to buy, unless you are considering the iPhone 13. On the one hand, the iPhone 11 is still very good, but somehow prohibitively expensive for a device that is actually a two-year-old device with not the most powerful filling by modern standards. Therefore, I can recommend it at a price not exceeding 40 thousand rubles.

iPhone 11 on Tmall can already be bought for 43 thousand. But soon it will get even cheaper.

So far, the device has not yet been found for such money, but very soon sellers will start dropping prices and you will be able to buy it with maximum benefit. First of all, pay attention to the Tmall platform. This is the Russian division of AliExpress, where official Russian retailers selling iPhone at lower pricesthan at home in retail, to attract attention.

As for the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, they fell very well in price. Especially in Russia. Therefore, if you are willing to pay a dozen more, you can look in their direction. Another thing is that an overpayment of 10k rubles applies only to a compact model, but for a full-fledged one you will have to pay as much as 20 thousand more. So decide for yourself. I wouldn’t overpay.

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