Apple is in trouble again due to iPhone slowdown. New this time

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Everyone remembers the grandiose scandal, in the center of which Apple was due to slowdowns of older iPhones. Despite the fact that the company tried to prove that it was doing it for the good, in order to prevent involuntary reboots of smartphones with worn out batteries, users were adamant. In their opinion, in Cupertino they should have at least warned them about this in advance, and as a maximum, they should have been given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they agree to such care or not. But if Apple tried to make amends for that situation, then it only has to deal with the new one.

Apple slowed down the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, and now it may pay for it

It would seem, what is it all about? After all, since then Apple no longer slowed down the iPhone. In any case, she did not introduce special mechanisms in iOS that would make the company’s smartphones start to work more slowly.

However, the Spanish Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights drew attention to the “practice of forced slowdowns of the latest iPhone models, including iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 8, and iPhone XS.” Therefore, in order to protect the interests of users, their lawyers filed a complaint with Apple.

Why is my iPhone running slower?

Is your iPhone running slower? It’s all about bad updates

According to the Society, reason for iPhone slowdown three recent updates have become: iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1 and iOS 14.6. Their installation led to the fact that the speed of their processors of these smartphones was cut, which is why they began to work noticeably slower than before.

In addition, updates have also reduced iPhone battery life the same models, which fell on average by 20-30% from the initial figures. Now the Society’s lawyers require Apple to explain the reasons for the downgrade and the payment of material compensation.

I perfectly understand what problem we are talking about, because I have already described it myself in my publications. After updates to iOS 14.5 smartphones such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 started to work noticeably slower. A direct test showed that their performance level fell even below the level of the three-year-old iPhone XR.

Which is faster: iPhone 12 or iPhone XR

Moreover, not only the actual speed of smartphones suffered, but also their computing power. This became clear as a result of running iPhones of different generations with iOS 14.5 installed in benchmarks. According to the results of synthetic tests, it turned out that performance of newer iPhones dropped to an older level.

Of course, this is a bug and there was most likely no talk of a forced slowdown. Another thing is that iOS 14.5 was released back in April, and since then, updated users have been forced to endure the reduced performance of their smartphones. But this, for a moment, has been going on for almost three months. So the requirement of some kind of compensation here no longer looks like something wrong.

I have no doubt that Apple will not even consider paying in good faith. At best, what can happen is the release of an emergency update that fixes a performance bug. But, on the other hand, given that in Europe everyone who is not lazy is spoofing Apple, it can be assumed that a real court would impose very serious sanctions on it.

What is the case in Italy, where the court fined Apple $ 73 million for iPhone slowdown. Now, of course, the situation is not so serious, and the size of the compensation payment – if it is, of course, at all – will be less. But the duty itself should be an incentive for Apple to treat its users a little more reverently.

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