Apple introduced iPhone SE 2022 and green iPhone 13


Apple introduced the new iPhone SE 2022 at its first presentation of 2022. To say that everyone was waiting for it is to lie to yourself. And in the light of the latest news about the work of Apple in Russia, many have completely forgotten. The 3rd generation iPhone SE again did not receive external changes – Apple only plays into the hands of exploiting the good old design of the iPhone 7. The hardware stuffing has changed, the camera has been improved through machine learning, and the battery has remained the same. Let’s figure out what has changed in the iPhone SE 2022 compared to the iPhone SE 2020, look at the prices and try to understand whether this smartphone is worth buying.

Differences between iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone SE 2020

In terms of appearance, the iPhone SE 2022 turned out to be exactly the same as the model two years ago. Is it bad? Maybe yes. But cases and protective glasses from the iPhone 7, 8 and SE 2020 are still suitable for the new model. The iPhone SE 2022 did not receive an enlarged display or thinner frames, but now the case is protected by Ceramic Shield glass, as in the iPhone 13. The iPhone SE 2022 is still available in black, red and white colors. Traditionally, the front frame is black.

Many hoped to see the iPhone SE Plus after all – this form factor definitely made the new iPhone SE ultra-popular: the compact smartphone is obsolete and in 2022 it is a dubious pleasure to use it. It is almost identical in size to the iPhone 13 mini, but the display is much smaller due to the bezels. By the way, the diagonal is still 4.7 inches.

But Apple introduced iPhone 13 green. Everyone was waiting for purple, like last year, but the company changed its mind. Rumors about the iPhone in the special have been around for a long time. It seems that this is a new feature of Apple – in the spring to present the flagship in an unusual color.

iPhone SE 2022 camera

Apple managed to train an old camera to take portrait shots in the iPhone SE 2020 – thanks to software and computing capabilities, the A13 Bionic takes cool pictures. Megapixels do not play any role – they are still 12 in the iPhone SE 2022. The novelty received technology deep fusion from iPhone 13 for more detail.

Frontal iPhone SE 2022 camera also remained the same: all the same 7 megapixels. This is enough to communicate via FaceTime and take selfies in a hurry. But in the iPhone SE 2022, they improved the portrait mode, added photographic styles.

Specifications of the iPhone SE 2022

The hardware basis of the iPhone SE 2022 is the current A15 Bionic processor. It is made on a 5-nanometer process technology. At the presentation of the iPhone SE, Apple compared the new chip in terms of power with the iPhone 8 – the new product is 26 times more powerful in performance. True, it’s stupid to do this with the iPhone SE 2022: most likely, the clock speed is limited, like the A13 Bionic in the iPhone SE 2020.

Apple traditionally does not disclose the amount of RAM – insiders suggest that the new iPhone SE has 4 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, we will not draw hasty conclusions and wait for the first synthetic tests. The smartphone update is not revolutionary, respectively, and you should not expect much either. It is much more interesting to know how much the autonomy of the novelty has changed – insiders reported that the battery will remain the same. Apple hasn’t specified battery capacity, but the company has promised improved battery life.

All edition of I naively believed and until the last hoped that MagSafe would appear in the new iPhone SE, but even here our dreams were shattered. New iPhone SE expectedly did not receive this chip.

iPhone SE 2022 display

As expected, the display of the iPhone SE 2022 will remain the same: it is still the same Retina HD, IPS with a resolution of 1334 * 750, and a brightness of 625 nits. Owners of the iPhone SE 2020 understand how bad things are: this is an ancient screen by the standards of 2022. Even at maximum brightness with a light theme in sunny weather, nothing is visible on it. Accordingly, there can be no question of any 90 or 120 Hz – this is not the smartphone that is suitable for such chips.

How much is the iPhone SE 2022

The new iPhone SE is still Apple’s cheapest smartphone. The minimum amount of memory remains the same – 64 GB. There are also 128 GB and 256 GB versions. The novelty will appear in many countries, but not in Russia. Bye. Below we publish the price of the new iPhone SE.

  • iPhone SE 64 GB – $429;
  • iPhone SE 128 GB – $479;
  • iPhone SE 256GB – $529

The pre-order starts on March 11, and the novelty will appear on sale on March 18. What do you think about the new product? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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