Apple introduced AirPods 3

AirPods 3

Apple introduced AirPods 3 – the most anticipated headphones. It’s been 5 years since the release of the 1st generation AirPods – nothing has changed since then, except for the AirPods Pro. First of all, they received a new design of the basic headphones in the style of the Pro version. Perhaps they didn’t wait for the new iPhone 13 like updates headphones from Apple. Well, the headphones are here – let’s find out what’s new in them!

AirPods 3 design

The third generation of AirPods 3 got a look reminiscent of the Airpods Pro we are used to – we have already seen it on various leaks, but now it has finally become a reality. In addition, the charging case is the same shape as the Pro version. Perhaps those who love AirPods 1 and 2 will have to get used to the new product for a long time.

It seems that apart from the lack of ear pads, the headphones are an exact copy of the AirPods Pro. But this is not so, there are much more differences, especially inside. The headphones are incredibly similar to the Pro version, but will sound different. In addition, the AirPods 3 retained the control by pressing the headband – now you can rewind the track by pressing.

What’s new in AirPods 3

New AirPods 3 received the H1 processor – the same as in the AirPods Pro. Apple has also added a MagSafe headphone charger.

The sound quality of the AirPods 3 will most likely not be comparable to the sound of the AirPods Pro. It’s all because of the lack of a snug fit and noise reduction in the new headphones – the headphones are suitable for those who are not picky about sound quality and prefer to use them for talking on the phone or FaceTime: iOS 15 just introduced a few cool features that we have already talked about.

Which is better: AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro

If you are thinking about purchasing AirPods 3, then pay attention to the disadvantages of the novelty:

  • Lack of noise reduction, which will make it inconvenient to listen to music on the street or in the subway;
  • Not so rich bass due to the lack of ear pads.

Perhaps it makes sense to take a closer look at AirPods Pro – they can be found for an acceptable 15-17 thousand rubles. If you are not demanding on sound, then the usual AirPods 2 will suit you – they can be purchased in the region of 10 thousand rubles. In my opinion, it makes sense to buy a new product, but you should not forget about AirPods Pro – perhaps it’s better not to deny yourself anything. Especially in terms of sound quality.

Airpods 3 price

The AirPods 3 will retail for $179 in the US, and the new earbuds are available today and available to pick up as early as next week. In Russia, headphones will cost 16,490 rubles. Headphones will go on sale from October 26, you can pre-order now.

Are you ready to upgrade your AirPods?

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