Apple has started registration of iPhone SE 3, Mac Studio and other new products in Russia. Looking forward to returning?


At the very beginning of March Apple has suspended deliveries of their products to Russia, effectively blocking the official route for branded devices to our country. Despite the fact that the serovos continued to carry gadgets from abroad in the same way as before, Apple refused to certify the latest innovations in Russia. As a result, the iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 5 and Mac Studio did not receive a certificate. In Cupertino, they simply did not bother with this, obviously wanting to emphasize their departure. However, after some time Apple changed its mind and submitted documents for certification of new devices in the Russian Federation.

According to Kommersant, Apple submitted declarations to the EAEC for issuing certificates for all new devices that it did not officially bring to Russia. The lists include iPhone SE 2022, Mac Studio computer, Studio Display monitor and a few more new products. The publication does not specify whether the new 5th generation iPad Air is included, but most likely it is also there.

Applying for iPhone SE 3 certification and other devices is unlikely to be random. Firstly, because it was filed after Apple’s official announcement of the suspension of supplies. And, secondly, because the company physically brought new devices to the Russian Research Institute of Radio for testing. This is a prerequisite for gadgets that receive certificate of conformity on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Apple – device registration in Russia

According to one version, Apple certifies for sale not on the Russian market, but on the markets of other countries of the Eurasian Union, which are formally included in one economic zone. Indeed, in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Belarus iPhone sales and other brand electronics are still not stopped. But if Apple certifies its devices for these markets, it is not clear why she does this through the Russian office.

Experts agree that Apple is just getting ready to resume shipments, albeit not straight lines. Retail representatives find it strange to register devices in Russia for the sake of selling them in other countries. Although certificates of the EAEU countries are equally taken into account within the community, local regulators may still have some questions. Therefore, it is more logical – and cheaper – to register gadgets in those countries where they are planned to be sold.

Apple returns to Russia?

Does this mean that Apple plans to return to the Russian market? Generally not required. The company may not open its office, not resume the work of its disabled services, but at the same time remove the restriction on the purchase of its equipment for Russian distributors. Moreover, it is possible that certification is carried out, among other things, for the sake of the possibility of parallel imports.

After all, if you remember, we recently said that Russian retailers refuse to transport Apple equipment to Russiafor fear of blocking by Apple. Because on such a scale, no one has yet imported brand devices without his permission, which means that he may well restrict their use in an enemy country. And, if the devices are officially certified by the company itself, therefore, there can be no restrictions on their work.

In general, it would be logical for Apple to return to the Russian market, which was developing so actively until February 24. The company’s revenues in the Russian Federation grew year by year, and quite significantly. Consumers willingly Bought iPhones, and other brand equipment. However, in order to regain a foothold here, Apple will have to do more than simply turn back all disabled services, including payment for purchases in the App Store and contactless payments with Apple Paybut also to attract customers with relevant loyalty programs.

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