Apple equipment stopped being transported to Russia. What will happen next?


At the end of February, Apple was one of the first to announce the suspension of its activities in the Russian market. The company did not turn off its services, but due to leaving MasterCard and Visa limited the ability to pay for content in the App Store and use Apple Pay, and also paused sales in the official online store. Despite this, a complete halt in supplies was spoken of very carefully. But, apparently, new batches of branded Apple technology in Russia no more waiting.

According to Mobile-Review, Apple warned retailers that no more deliveries of its equipment to Russia are expected in March. The company will suspend all activities other than maintaining proprietary services and delivering updates to end users. But neither the new gadgets presented at the presentation on March 8, nor the old ones that were sold earlier, will be available in Russia yet.

Apple leaves Russia?

Although most of the devices Apple to Russia are brought by distributors and retail chains, deliveries are carried out with the direct permission of the company itself, enshrined in the contract. Now, apparently, such permission has been revoked. Accordingly, Russian retail chains will be cut off from legal import channels, which means that local consumers will no longer be able to officially buy something from Apple.

It is obvious that the available stock of Apple technology Russian retailers will have enough for some more time. Moreover, the prices for the company’s products skyrocketed, and they began to buy it less actively. Therefore, now everyone has the opportunity buy an iPhone any model, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods and everything else, albeit for a less sane price. However, in the end, what was will end.

So far, there is no excitement. If you look at the sites of M.Video, Eldorado, Svyaznoy, Citylink and even Tmall, you will find that almost all Apple devices are in stock even in regions. Yes, the prices for equipment have become significantly higher. For example, the same iPhone 11 is now being sold for 68 thousand rubles instead of the former 50, but this is both a reaction to the increased dollar exchange rate against the domestic currency, and a kind of barrier from resellers.

Whether it will reach a total deficit is still difficult to say. Obviously, it has become much more difficult for distributors and retail chains that are purchased directly from Apple to transport equipment to Russia. Restrictions on flights from Europe have made the old logistics arrangements no longer viable. That is, even if Apple allows to resume deliveries, Russian distributors will have to look for alternative ways of importing.

Can I buy an iPhone now?

If earlier the iPhone and other devices were imported mainly only by planes, now it will be necessary to switch to delivery by trucks or by sea. Yes, even if Russian stores selling iPhonewill agree with partners from neighboring countries on parallel deliveries, when, say, Kazakhstani stores buy equipment not only for themselves, but also for us, this will invariably lead to an increase in the cost of the product for the end consumer.

In the end, of course, absolutely without Apple technology we will not stay. The market is a living and changing structure that adapts to different circumstances. Eventually, the serovos will be more active than they used to be, when they struggled to compete with Russian online marketplaces like Tmall. But somehow count on iPhone availabilityiPad, AirPods and other devices of the apple brand are no longer worth it.

But the establishment of new supply channels, adaptation to new market conditions and, of course, prices, will take time to build up. Therefore, a temporary shortage of apple devices in Russian retail is not ruled out, and, perhaps, even a forced downtime of retail chains with the status Apple Premium Reseller. After all, the same Re:Store is mostly focused on Apple equipment, and it is unlikely that it will be able to go on sales of related products indefinitely.

Whatever it was, for you and me the situation in any case will not be the most rosy. iPhones for 50 thousand rubles there will definitely not be any more, and the smartphone itself with the apple logo will now become a truly status device, which was considered in the late 2000s and early 10s. True, then people were still getting used to expensive phones, but today the situation is somewhat different. We just got used to the fact that a smartphone can cost 50-70-90 thousand rubles, as the price order has changed again.

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