Apple could have made an iMac without a chin, but didn’t


The appearance of the 24-inch iMac disappoints many. What he actually is is still unknown. So far, the focus is on pictures allowed to be shown by Apple officials. We know about the new iMac only what can be seen in these pictures, and what Apple employees told us about them. Positive colors iMac some just annoying. And their muted pastel shades on the front side outrage many to the core. But with flowers, maybe they would have reconciled if Apple finally removed the “chin” iMac, extending the screen and thereby reducing the side frames. Was it possible? Apple says yes.

In general, almost the entire iMac 24 is a complete provocation. So, in fact, the display size of the 24-inch iMac diagonally is not 24 inches (60.96 cm), but only 23.5 (59.69 cm). We are inflated by almost one and a half centimeters! However, Apple does not hide the truth – in a footnote, in small print, this is reported in a press release and on the Apple website. And, according to Apple’s new head of marketing, Greg Joswiak, the design of the novelty has been radically updated, and a display of this level was not found in any 21.5-inch iMac – wide color gamut (P3), color reproduction quality in a billion colors, brightness 500 cd / sq.m, anti-reflective coating, True Tone, display resolution 4480 × 2520 pixels (218 pixels per inch). There are changes, yes. But is this a “completely new design”?

Unfortunately, so far no one has put any 21.5-inch iMac on their desk and a silver-colored 24-inch iMac side by side. There have not been so many changes since 2012, but none of them can be called radical. The shape of the stand has changed, this season smooth outlines are not in fashion. Functionally, it is slightly better than the previous one, there is an extended adjustment of the display tilt. Surprisingly, this appeared only now, so I can not call it a radical design change.

Why Apple didn’t remove the chin from the iMac

The “chin” is in place and packs everything in, the M1 chip, RAM, and other components. Could it have been removed? According to Apple, yes. Why did they leave him then? Apple designers and engineers say the “chin” brings out the unique color of each iMac, but we know the truth. Apple intentionally leaves some elements in their devices to make them recognizable. For example, if you remove the bangs from the iPhone and put it next to another similar phone, when turned off, it will be difficult to distinguish them when viewed from above. The iMac chin has been a feature of this computer for years, but what if it is removed? There will be a normal monitor. The only thing that was removed is the Apple logo from this “chin”.

There are not many other design changes. The connectors are almost all, as before, on the back side. There are two exceptions. Ethernet connector on the power supply (for the cheapest iMac, this is a paid option) and a 3.5 mm audio output – to which we will return. The thickening on the back (hump), without which it would be problematic to maintain thermal balance in an iMac with an Intel processor inside, is a thing of the past. iMac 24 is flat, like an iPad. 11.5 mm thick. They wanted to do this for a long time, because of the fantastic characteristics of the M1, this became possible.

True, there is nothing to do with caring for users here. The audio output requires a 14mm deep hole. He just didn’t fit. Now he is where he should have been from the very beginning. I have to agree with critics – there is not so much new in a radically new design, if you forget about colors.

iMac 24 Colors

The 24-inch iMac color scheme has more than just opponents. Fans say that the computers look fresh and modern. According to 24-inch iMac haters, the colors are sugary and too pretty.

The mournful black iMac is sorely missed. This blackness should be uncompromising, covering both sides of the computer and all its edges with darkness. No hypocritically muted shades, no understatement – we live in a dark, terrible era and we should not forget about it. For example, the colors of the abyss. If I were Apple, I would add such an option.

The bezels around the screens in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are black. This makes the screen look bigger than it really is. What is the practical meaning of this, I do not understand, but let it be. I have never had any problems with them. Right now, sitting at the MacBook Pro, I tried to find something bad in this blackness and could not. And the bezels around iPad screens are black. And there are no problems with them either. Even if you have an iPad Air 4 in a fun, playful color. But according to Apple designers, against the background of the muted color of the front side of the iMac case, black frames would bring dissonance into a carefully verified ensemble of colors and their shades. They have studied the matter for as long as they can be trusted. Of course, you need to try – but white (rather, light gray) frames should not become an obstacle to work. They look very natural. What do you think? Tell us what you think about the new iMac in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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