Apple allowed complex iPhone 14 repairs. Where can it be done in Russia


After Apple left Russia, many users faced problems with iPhone repair, iPads and other equipment. First of all, this was reflected in the timing of the work, because the supply of components to our country was very modest. In some cases, it was necessary to wait much longer to replace the old iPhone with a new one. With the release of the iPhone 14, the situation has become even more complicated. Officially, smartphones are not delivered to us, which means they cannot be repaired in authorized service centers.

And now, the other day there was information that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus can now be subjected to complex repairs, instead of just changing the device to a new one. We understand what it is connected with and where it is possible repair iPhone in Russia.

iPhone 14 repair

Immediately after the appearance of the iPhone 14 on sale in Russia, our by Ivan Kuznetsov I tried to figure out in detail how the warranty for these devices will work. Taking into account the fact that the manufacturer currently has nothing to do with the supply of iPhones to the territory of Russia, it does not carry out warranty obligations for them. All this falls entirely on the shoulders of the sellers.

But how they repair equipment is unknown to anyone except themselves. However, according to some large retail chains, it will still be repaired at authorized service centers. Personally, I doubt that this is possible, and you will have to turn to the services of third-party service centers. In particular, our friends from Apple Pro repair all models of the iPhone 14 line without any problems.

Moreover, the other day Apple allowed authorized service centers to carry out complex iPhone 14 repair and iPhone 14 Plus. You ask why only these models, and not all iPhone 14? The answer is very simple. A major change has been made to the design of the basic iPhone 14 models, which allows you to remove the back panel on your smartphone without any problems and difficulties. It turns out that these models can be disassembled like an ordinary sandwich: by removing the screen and back, you can get access to the filling.

This is reminiscent of a design that existed back in the iPhone 4S. Then, simply by unscrewing two bolts near the charging connector, the back panel moved easily, and it could be changed to any other. In some places, it was even possible to order panels of different colors and change them according to your mood. At the same time, everything remains in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as in the old models: the back is glued tightly with a ton of glue, and therefore it is not easy to replace it and not get into the insides.

Thanks to this and iPhone 14 back panel replacement became cheaper twice. Now you don’t have to mess around with its removal and risk the performance of wireless charging. Now service centers can safely take on complex repairs that required full access to the interior of the iPhone. For example, previously authorized services have never been involved in replacing the motherboard, even for money.

Now this is much easier to deal with. After all, the iPhone 14 can be safely disassembled to open access to all hard-to-reach places and replace the necessary part. This will allow users to save significant amounts. After all, earlier ASCs immediately offered a replacement for a new device for money, but now a simple repair or some component will be enough.

Where to fix iPhone

But for Russia iphone 14 repair in authorized service centers is out of date. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to understand exactly where to go if the iPhone is broken or simply does not work for an unknown reason. Best of all, our friends from the Apple Pro service center will cope with this task. What’s more, they can even help save you money on repairs.

For example, if you break the screen, then an authorized service center will offer you a replacement for the entire module for a lot of money, and if we are talking about the iPhone 14, then they will not offer this either. Apple Pro can save the display itself, replacing only the protective glass. This will allow you to save a significant amount and at the same time get, in fact, a new screen. But the guys are not limited to iPhones alone. Here you can safely apply for macbook repairiPadov, for cleaning and replacing AirPods and Apple Watch repair.

And you will be offered the best option to bring your device back to life. Unfortunately, there are damages that do not allow you to restore the functionality of the smartphone. And then there is only one option – replacing it with a new one. Apple Pro experts will diagnose your device and issue a verdict. And it doesn’t matter which iPhone you go with: 14, 13, or even X. Any of them will be repaired, if possible, and returned to you. Authorized service centers currently cannot boast of such an approach, so choose a place to repair your equipment carefully.

Find out the repair price in Apple Pro (WhatsApp)

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