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Friday is a traditional day for answering your questions that we receive in our Telegram chat. We continue to learn about the problems of the iPhone, AirPods, the agony of choosing Apple technology and the difficulties of updating around the clock. Some questions really forced to climb into the depths of the Internet to find at least some explanation. We don’t know how it happened, but this week our users didn’t break a single gadget from Apple, which is good news. Today we will consider which iPad to choosewhich devices will be updated to iOS 16 and why do you need True Tone on iPhone.

alarm clock on iphone

If memory serves, then dark theme in the alarm clock appeared back in iOS 10. Since that time, only the elements of the alarm clock have changed, but the dark design has remained even with the light interface turned on. This is done so that before going to bed and in the middle of the night they do not strain their eyesight, and the application annoys them with a bright light when they wake up. Orange color contrasts against a dark background, allowing you to better absorb information.

iOS 15 update

We recommend upgrade to iOS 15.2if you haven’t already. But sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Our reader experienced an update check failure. Here is what is recommended to do in such cases in the first place.

  • Check Wi-Fi connection;
  • Check free space on iPhone;
  • Update iPhone using iTunes;

Try installing the iOS 15 update later. It is difficult to explain why this happens, but after a while the update may indeed be installed. Learn more about how to resolve an installation issue iOS updatesread our article.

Why you need True Tone

The function adjusts the color temperature of the screen according to the environmental conditions so that it looks natural. The option is ideal for reading on iPad or iPhone – your eyes will not get tired so quickly. Many users complain that at first such an image seems unusual. As a rule, in order to quickly get used to true tone need no more than a day. By the way, True Tone and Night Shift are completely different things.

Face ID Attention Recognition

Since the release of the iPhone X face ID sensors track the wearer’s attention by recognizing when the screen is being looked at. Face ID attention detection can be turned off to save battery life. But the charge consumption of the function is negligible, and your iPhone will become much more vulnerable. It is for this reason that you should not disable the option. By the way, here are a few more features that you definitely shouldn’t disable on your iPhone.

iPhone notifications not coming

First, check to see if Focus is turned on on your iPhone – the feature is configured in its own way, collecting notifications into a single summary. In addition, the problem may be in the free space in iPhone storage: Notifications are delayed or not received if you have too little space. Don’t forget to check your notification settings and update your apps. More about why not receiving notifications on iphoneread here.

How to replace AirPods Pro

Readers often criticize us for swearing at AirPods, in particular the AirPods Pro. There is a lot of marriage in the headphones, and they are not suitable for everyone, even despite the presence of interchangeable ear pads. For example, a friend of mine turned them down in favor of Bowers and Wilkins. From myself, I can advise AirPods 2: in our Yandex.Zen there is even an article about how they are better than AirPods 3. And you can find a few more worthy replacements for AirPods Pro in this article.

AirPods Repair

It is safe to say that you got absolutely new AirPods. Actually, there are simply no other options: Apple does not repair AirPods basically. We can only be glad that you now have brand new AirPods!

iPhone not seeing update

The whole problem is that iPhone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi. The screenshot shows that the smartphone is connected to another iPhone using tethering mode, but this way the update will not work. You need a fixed home Wi-Fi, after which the update will appear in the list.

Should You Buy an iPhone XR?

Sometimes it seems that the iPhone XR – most popular iPhone to date. This is partly true: this is the most inexpensive iPhone that you can still buy in stores. Unfortunately, this is not the best buy for 2022. It’s a good iPhone, but it won’t last forever: in the coming year, it will still do a good job, but it’s still better to choose the iPhone 11. Don’t believe me? We have a separate article on why you shouldn’t buy an outdated iPhone.

Which devices will get iOS 16

There is still too much time before the release of iOS 16, but already now we can roughly imagine which devices will not receive it. Among them is the iPad 5. The iPad 6 has more chances – another year iPadOS updates he definitely should have. You should not worry: you can safely use the devices or sell them while you can. Or, conversely, buy an iPad. We even have a separate article on why buy an old iPad in 2021.

Friends, if you suddenly encounter difficulties, then be sure to write to our Telegram chat: we will try to find a solution with all our might!

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