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AirPods 3

Exchange iPhone warranty

You’ve definitely made a bargain: exchange iPhone – a real salvation during the shortage of smartphones. Keep in mind that you can check the phone warranty in the iPhone settings or on the official Apple website. If you have never heard of this type of iPhone, we recommend reading our article!

What are the best headphones for iPhone

The classic option is AirPods for any iPhone. They are not without flaws, but work perfectly in tandem with a smartphone. As for the Beats headphones, you can take a closer look at full-size ones for home use. Also not bad Beats Studio Buds – despite the fact that they have a Mediatek chip installed, there were no problems with synchronization. The sound is not perfect, in my opinion, worse than the AirPods Pro, but quite suitable. Read more about the Beats Studio Buds here. There is a good one from Bowers and Wilkins. In any case, you need to try on the headphones yourself to make the right choice.

Restoring an iPhone Backup

Restoring a backup transfers files, applications, settings, and contacts. Unfortunately, the iOS version is not restored. It is not possible to go back to the previous version of iOS. Don’t worry, iOS 15.2 works well on all iPhones. It has become much better and received almost no visible changes in the interface.

Battery capacity 12 Pro Max

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the battery capacity is calibrated during the update. In principle, your iPhone can be envied – in almost a year it lost only 4%, according to the numbers. You can be calm: it is in perfect order, and the decrease in capacity is a natural process. On average, iPhone users consume about 8-10% of the capacity per year. Recall that for the maximum iPhone battery capacity It’s good to look at it from time to time, but don’t get hung up on it!

How to properly charge iPhone

Dear reader, properly charging the iPhone is Apple’s recommendation, in any case, you should try to follow it so that the battery lasts longer. The situation is like with new sneakers: the more reverently you treat them, the longer they will be white. Use original chargers, remove the case when charging so that the iPhone does not overheat and in no case charge it after the street – let the smartphone recover a little, warm up to room temperature.

Which AirPods are better

Apple now has a fairly wide range of AirPods. I can say that for me personally, wearing one AirPods Pro was not very convenient, even rather unpleasant. But to my friend, it’s quite normal. If the vacuum “gags” do not cause discomfort for you, then feel free to use the Pro with one ear. In a noisy environment, talking on the phone is much more convenient in them. Another thing – Regular AirPods. Many prefer them for conversations. We have a great AirPods 3 review – be sure to read it. Nevertheless, we recommend that you try both of them, so as not to be mistaken.

Disable Download unused

The function is designed to save storage space, especially when it comes to iPhone with a minimum amount of memory. For example, 64 GB. Disabling it is very easy.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select App Store.
  • At the very bottom, turn off the “Download unused” slider.

By the way, it is still better not to disable some functions in the iPhone.

AirPods fell into the water

Readers correctly noted that you should not have turned them over and definitely should have removed the ear cushion. But you can try to dry them: leave them for a day in silica gel (the bag that lies in the box with new shoes), many experts do not recommend the option with rice. Moreover, do not try to dry the earpiece with a hairdryer. You will definitely have a small hope of saving the earpiece. We talked about this in our article. If the headphones don’t work, they can be replaced one at a time and very inexpensively.

Although, this method of drying is not suitable for a phone that can be disassembled. If even a protected iPhone fell into the water, you should contact a service center for diagnostics. Otherwise, what we described in this article may happen.

Which Apple Watch is better to choose

Apple Watch 3 is definitely not worth considering for purchase – it is obsolete and does not have enough memory to update WatchOS. Apple Watch SE – a great inexpensive option that you will definitely like. By the way, journalist Artem Rakhmatullin wrote a great article on which Apple Watch to choose in 2021. Be sure to study.

Friends, if you encounter a problem, be sure to write to our Telegram chat. We will try to find a solution or help with advice.

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