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We constantly mention that our Telegram chat does not sleep: around the clock, users discuss the iPhone or seek advice. This week is no exception. We continue to collect the most interesting questions regarding Apple technology and find answers to them. Get comfortable: today we will talk about Apple smart glasses, choosing the amount of memory in the iPhone, the reasons why the speakers have become quieter, and whether it is possible to buy AirPods from strangers. And once again we will explain why you should not buy used AirPods.

How much memory to choose for iPhone

If you are going to upgrade the iPhone, having bought it for more than one year, then do not skimp on the amount of memory. This year, Apple increased the minimum storage on the iPhone 13 from 64GB to 128GB, leaving prices at last year’s levels. By myself, I can say that even without downloading new content in large quantities, the memory in the iPhone evaporates. For example, you can go to a concert, shoot several dozen videos in HD quality, and eventually there will be no free space left. If you are buying for several years, then feel free to purchase 256 GB, and if you plan to buy an iPhone for a short period of time, then it is better to choose 128 GB so as not to overpay. By the way, the analysis and nuances are in this article.

iPhone gets hot while watching videos

This is absolutely normal. At this time, the iPhone processes a large amount of information, data transfer is working, and the video itself is probably downloaded in high quality. In addition, new versions of iOS get more features and become more power hungry. That is why you should not worry if your iPhone gets hot. Check how much free space you have iPhone storageclose unnecessary applications and disable geolocation in applications where possible. In addition, the battery, which is not in the best condition, may be to blame.

Is it worth upgrading to iOS 15.2

You can safely upgrade to iOS 15.2: Apple fixed minor bugs, added “Digital heritage”, which is worth trying to activate, and also added the ability to hide E-mail in the Mail application. A full review of iOS 15.2 is here. Feel free to install and enjoy!

What is Apple One

iCloud+ is an Apple cloud storage subscription that gives you more storage space for your files or backups. If you’ve added people to Family Sharing, you can share free space with them. Apple One is a single subscription to several services at once, including Apple Music, iCloud +, Apple Fitness +. They are completely different in function and price – choose what you need more.

Which AirPods to choose

AirPods 2 – time-tested headphones from Apple with good autonomy, the usual form factor and the lowest price. AirPods 3 is a more up-to-date version with an improved battery, wireless charging, and track control via taps. Say, which AirPods are better, very difficult. For example, in our Yandex.Zen there is an article that AirPods 2 is even better than AirPods 3. By the way, enough time has passed since the release of AirPods 3, and buyers have already criticized them. In general, we recommend trying the accessory in person to make a choice.

Apple smart glasses

Not so long ago it became known that Apple will release its smart glasses in late 2022-early 2023. The company is working to give the device high performance comparable to the M1 chip. It is believed that in the future, the AR headset will have to replace iPhone. In general, it seems that the release of this gadget is a legendary event. Why is that? Read our review.

iPhone speakers broken

Unfortunately, everything says that speakers in iPhone ordered to live long. You can’t fix it yourself by any means, you will have to contact the service. As a rule, repairs cost 5-7 thousand rubles. We also figured out what to do if the microphone does not work in AirPods. Just in case, if this happened to your iPhone 12, it may be a factory defect that the company fixes for free. Read more about this here.

How to spot a fake AirPods Pro

Unfortunately in 2021 fake AirPods incredibly hard to tell apart. Illiquid producers are already so good at copying headphones from Applethat the same animation appears when connected to the iPhone, the site displays warranty information when checking. The best way to avoid fakes is to buy new AirPods from trusted places and avoid used AirPods. Of course, it is better to refuse AirPods that are sold by strangers under the pretext of a lack of money and everything like that.

Once again, we remind you that we are always glad to see you in our Telegram chat. At the same time, do not forget to find out which iPhone is definitely worth buying in 2022.

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